Top Banquet Halls in New York
New York is known for its exquisite round world cuisine and top banquet halls in New York, with their catering service, do not compromise on that.

Top Banquet Halls in New York of 2021

Venues are essential for any special event. Be it a birthday party or a mega wedding, the place you choose has so much more to offer to the actual function. 

New York is a dream destination for people for many such special events. There are some of the best top banquet halls in New York. 

Starting from ground floor open space banquets to banquets on the beach, there are multiple options. 

Some of the halls even have their residential complex so that your guests can stay at one place throughout the event and spare you the transport money. 

New York is known for its exquisite round world cuisine and top banquet halls in New York, with their catering service, do not compromise on that. 

List of Top Banquet Halls in New York

It is pretty unfair to select just a few from the thousands of top banquet halls in New York. 

Yet when it comes to picking the best of best, there are a few that stand out. 

The list has been made in terms of the minimum price, sitting capacity, standing capacity, and ease of access to the city. 

1. World Event Yachts

World Event Yachts is a luxury banquet and hospitality service that have been there in New York for almost 25 years now. It has hosted some of the most important and the most elegant events previously, gaining a lot of praise from the customers. Yacht Events LLC organizes five-star cuisine, service, and entertainment on stage. Get on the world-class yachts and sail along the East Coast. Previous clients who have experienced the ride and the services of this banquet yacht are “George Soros, mogul Donald Trump, fashion icon Donna Karan, the Saudi Arabian Royal family, United Nations ambassadors, and several others.

Type : Yacht banquet 

Minimum Price : Minimum price for 100 guests: $ 6,900

Standing Capacity : 2000

Sitting Capacity : 2000

Address :  Chelsea Pier • New York, NY • 10011

2. Studio Arte

Studio Arte is a banquet hall that is suited for all purposes. It has a white loft space that is bright and big enough to host neat events that involve a lot of movement or one that requires a large number of people to be seated with the attention on the stage. The loft is located near Port Authority and Penn Station. The rooms have hardwood floors and windows. There is a good amount of daylight in the day and good ventilation too. The view from the hall at night is elegant. The hall includes a prep area, an annex room, and a front room.

Type : Loft hall

Minimum Price : Minimum price for 100 guests: $ 2,000

Standing Capacity : Capacity (Seated / Cocktail): 90 / 150

Sitting Capacity : 150

Address :  265 West 37th Street • New York, NY • 10018

3. 28on27

28on27 is a hall with the dimensions of 2,500 sq foot space inside. It is situated in the flat iron area of Manhattan, New York. The hall or an open room has hardwood floors. It also has high-rise ceilings that are best for lighting for dance parties. The banquet provides a loft-like feeling. It has the best architecture with iron castings, bold pillars and soft and delicate furnishings that maintains a cool and edgy tone. The hall is completely equipped with all the audio capabilities, production services, and luggage and passenger elevators. 28on27 is definitely one of the top banquet halls in New York. 

Type : Loft hall

Minimum Price : Site/Rental Fee: $1,000

Standing Capacity : 125

Sitting Capacity : 80

Address :  28 West 27th Street • New York, NY • 10010

4. Shop Studios

The shop studio loft hall is a wide and spacious hall with support pillars in the middle which can be a great object for decoration and to set a theme. It has walls painted with murals and the ceiling is equipped with constructions that support camera holding and party light holders. It also has an elevated platform inside that can host stage events. The halls let in bright sunlight in the day and have broad windows for excellent ventilation. It is a 7,200 square ft loft with a 5,000 square ft rooftop with a skyline view. 

Type : Loft hall

Minimum Price : Minimum price for 100 guests: $ 5,000

Standing Capacity : 300

Sitting Capacity : 300

Address :  528 west 39th st • New York, NY • 10018

5. 1315 Studios and Event Space

1315 is the perfect and beautiful event space that can be used for multiple purposes. It has large windows all over the room that lets in good exposure lighting and it is also perfect for an 8th-floor view at night. The view opens to the majestic empire state building of New York and the company itself says, “it doesn’t get more New York then 1315”. Like most, this also has hardwood floors, high ceilings, and a cool designer bar that make the surroundings modern and edgy. 

Type : Studio hall

Minimum Price : Minimum price for 100 guests: $ 4,000 

Standing Capacity : 150

Sitting Capacity : 80

Address :  15 West 28th Street • New York, NY • 10001

6. Amnesia NYC

Amnesia NYC has solely shifted New York City’s nightlife scene back to its “overdrive”. It is located in West Chelsea, which is especially known for its late-night funs and is called the hub of the same. Amnesia has huge halls and a wide space for dance parties and it is one of the top banquet halls in New York, one that is on every A-listers list. Amnesia is termed as a dynamic late-night playground which has the combination of non-stop energy with entertainment to the range of 5-stars. Its infrastructure has its own including state-of-the-art sound and lighting systems, with cutting-edge DJs, and other live performances.

Type : Studio hall

Minimum Price : Minimum price for 100 guests: $ 4,900

Standing Capacity : 800

Sitting Capacity : 200

Address : 609 W. 29th Street • New York, NY • 10001

7. Metropolitan Pavilion

Metropolitan Pavilion is a premier Manhattan event space that is situated in the heart of dynamic Chelsea and is surrounded by majestic and amazing the turn-of-the-century architecture of The Ladies’ Mile Historic District. Metropolitan Pavilion has excellent free Wifi for the customers, it has audio input systems, and also a lounge and multimedia section to make the best use of technology for your events, whatever it may be. It is great for meetings, private events, wedding parties, birthday parties and screenings. 

Type : Event space

Minimum Price :  Minimum price for 100 guests: $ 12,500

Standing Capacity : 1565

Sitting Capacity : 1220

Address : 125 West 18th Street • New York, NY • 10011

8. 200 Fifth Club

200 Fifth Club is an exclusive event space with rich and heritage full interiors that is best for any events. The hall has 22-foot high ceilings, which are best for ariel camera view and for a disco ball if at all you want to host a dance party. The event space has three individual areas which serve separately for important events. The are is subtly decorated beforehand with excellent and gives enough space and a comfortable and ventilation full atmosphere. Whether it is 100 guests or 300 guests, 200 Fifth Club can accommodate and service your needs. 

Type : Event space

Minimum Price :  Minimum price for 100 guests: $ 10,000

Standing Capacity : 400

Sitting Capacity : 400

Address : 200 Fifth Avenue • New York, NY • 10010

9. Midtown Loft

Experience every attention and every detail of the Midtown Loft that assures the best infrastructure and the best service for all your celebrations. Be confident with Midtown loft to trust them enough to run your event smoothly and successfully. 

Midtown Loft & Terrace is one of the top banquet halls in New York with an event space which is situated in a high-class doorman building located in Manhattan’s precious 5th Avenue. Like many other banquet halls, this also has high rise ceilings with enough inputs of natural sunlight, and enough ventilation because of the windows on four sides. It opens up to gorgeous city views and is perfect for any event.             

Type : Banquet hall

Minimum Price :  Minimum price for 100 guests: $ 8,000 

Standing Capacity :300

Sitting Capacity :180

Address :267 Fifth Avenue • New York, NY • 10016

10. Flatiron Penthouse

Host an event a bit differently with the Flatiron Penthouse. It is a 2-floored  service system with the servers answering your call within seconds. It has state-of-the-art audiovisual facilities and ultra-comfortable lounge seating. It also has a built-in bar with drinks from all over the world.  For official events, it has a conference table, a full kitchen and a passenger lift. It is located at a walkable distance from the Madison Square Garden. 

Type : Penthouse 

Minimum Price :Minimum price for 100 guests: $ 3,500

Standing Capacity :80

Sitting Capacity :100

Address : 18 West 23rd Street • New York, NY • 10011

All the above-mentioned banquet halls are reviewed and suggested by our review team.

Locations Where Top Banquet Halls in New York are Found 

New York is where some of the world’s mega functions and events are held, be it a billionaire’s, a fashion icon’s or a common man’s. It has the right place for everyone and every kind of event. The banquet halls are at a walkable distance from mega landmarks. With that said here are the top banquet halls in New York

  1. Chelsie Pier
  2. 265 West 37th Street
  3. 28th West 27th Street
  4. 528 West 39th Street
  5. 15 West 28th Street
  6. 609 W. 29th Street
  7. 125 West 18th Street
  8. 200 Fifth Avenue
  9. 267 Fifth Avenue
  10. 18 West 23rd Street       

Conclusion on Top Banquet Halls in New York

A good venue needs adequate Wifi, Audio, multimedia inputs, ventilation, space, enough light and if needed, a good kitchen with an excellent catering service. Banquet halls are important for conferences, meetings, private events, and screenings. These top banquet halls in New York are perfect for hosting PR Events, Product Launches, Seminars, Showrooms, Social Gatherings & Weddings. They are very popular among regular users and have excellent reviews by customers. One should take time while choosing a good location to host an event as it is a matter of a few hundred people and no mistakes can be allowed there. This list has all the necessary basic details of top banquet halls in New York and what you should look for initially before investigating more into a location. The above given are a selection from excellent locations and easy access to the city. Any cab driver in New York would know the address to these popular halls.

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