Top Dance Bars in New York
The number of top dance bars in New York has increased in recent years.

Top Dance Bars in New York of 2021

The number of top dance bars in New York has increased in recent years. 

New York City has stepped into the night zone, beyond work, where people are thriving to dance and have fun throughout the night. 

A night full of dancing, having delicious snacks with drinks and great comfort corners are the additions in New York lives. 

People who want to host an event equipped with fun and entertainment are searching for top dance bars in New York

If you are the one searching for top dance bars in New York, then you have discovered an authentic write-up that will acknowledge you with the best dance bars available in New York.

List of 10 Top Dance Bars in New York

Affordable drinks and a dance floor always attract people from every section of society. However, bottle service and velvet ropes do have their stage in the fun world. But, dance bars are casual alternatives and are a lot accessible to boot. Here are the recommendations provided below for the top dance bars in New York City. 

1. C’mon Everybody

C’mon Everybody

C’mon Everybody is a recognized dance bar for everyone who is young at heart and enthusiastic by nature. 

Men and women of introverted nature will lose their attested character. 

The dance bar will encourage you to throw yourselves on to the dance floor to hip-hop and make steps on global hits. 

For further reassurance, there is a mahogany bar, ’70s-chic wood paneling, a sizable dance space, seasonal cocktails, and of course, a disco ball. 

A combination of live performances and DJs playing stalwart, funk, synth-pop, house music, and indie is the magnificent entertainment received at the respective dance bar.

Hours of Operation:

Sunday-Thursday: 6pm-2am

Friday & Saturday: 6pm-4am


325 Franklin Ave.



2. Nowadays


The respective dance bar offers the best place for making your night delighted with dance and drinks. 

It also offers great food and drinks at pocket-friendly prices.

The dance bar is always occupied with frequent cultural programming. Nowadays is the best dance bar for the family, friends, and professionals. 

This affordable bar has a colorful open-air space that is finished for dancing. 

That will not come, as a tremor when you cram the owners as the establishers of long consecutively dance parties Sunday. 

However, weekends are a major time for getting down here in the dance bar. 

You find the best DJ music, enough beer, fish tacos, and a wide dance floor to dance and party. 

Hours of Operation:

Weekdays-7pm to 1am

Weekends-7pm to 4am


56-06 Cooper Ave., Ridgewood Queens, New York

3. Beauty Bar

Beauty Bar

The respective dance bar has a retro-salon theme and setting. It is one of the night dance bars for enjoying DJs, and dancing floor for large groups. 

At this dance bar, guests find sufficient space to sit and lower with a cocktail. 

The exotic snacks and meals are outstanding for meat lovers. However, if you have come for only dance and dance, then your mood will get uplifted once you head to the dance floor. 

The special attractions are weekend DJs that play hits of Justin Bieber, Beyoncé, Madonna, and Michael Jackson. Though the list goes on.

Hours of Operation:

Weekdays-5pm to 4am

Weekends-2pm to 4am


231 E. 14th St., East Village, Manhattan

4. Black Flamingo

Black Flamingo
Black Flamingo

This night dance bar is for the people who love dancing but prefer all vegetarian dishes. Here taqueria meets dance era.

On every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, guests find the exotic dishes from Savouring seared mofongo (mashed green plantain) tacos, cocktails to shimmying, and an Oaxacan Mule on the dance floor.

The dance club provides a transition completely countering. You rolled up before night to evade a cover charge, and assume an eclectic combination of house, funk, and disco music. The charges are affordable that can be absorbed by every night out enthusiast. 

Hours of Operation:

Tue-Wed: 6pm-11:30am

Thu-Sat: 6pm-4am

Sun: 6pm-10pm


168 Borinquen Pl., Williamsburg, Brooklyn

5. El Cortez

El Cortez

The dance bar organizes events, private events, great catering, and dancing throughout the night.

Sometimes discovering a great night out and dance bar in New York can become a bit puzzling. 

El Cortez is the dancing bar offering multipurpose solutions to all your entertaining and fun needs. 

The club spared you from resolving the puzzle. Just enter into the work of dance and hip-hop. 

This Mexican restaurant is loaded with a tiki bar, taco salad, an outdoor courtyard, sip on a hurricane, and a wide dancing floor at the second level. All rate charts are affordable fitting to every wallet. 

Hours of Operation:

Monday to Friday-5pm to 2am

Weekends-6pm to 2am


17 Ingraham St., Bushwick, Brooklyn

6. Drexler’s


This night dance club soaks you into the music of the great 90s’. Your soul loves the environment, theme, and the bill that fits into every pocket. 

Drexler’s is a bi-level club offering a charming atmosphere and a split character theme. 

Early birds during the sunset, find it as cocktail lounge suitable settings for first dates.

The well-mixed drinks surviving under dim lights and a cozy atmosphere make a mood to throw your hands and legs on the nest of global hits. 

Once the night begins to fall in, the dance floor gets packed with 90’s hip-hop and contemporary beats. 

Hour of Operation:

Mondays – All Night

Sunday to Friday-4pm to 7am


9 Avenue A, East Village, Manhattan

7. Friends and Lovers

Friends and Lovers

Dip your soul into the taste of beers and cocktails. 

Make your mood swing to and dance to ’60s and 90’s music. 

It is a one-stop dance bar for business, party and hosting an event. 

You find comfortable business seats and resting couches for feet. 

Enjoyment and fun are guaranteed here, you just need to bring good cash for a bar and dance. 

To fuel in for the activities, you find great snacks and meals. 

DJs pump house, R&B, and dance hall are the attractive centers in the top dance bar in New York. 

Get there early to encroach a better space in the club. 

Hours of Operation:

Wednesday to Saturday-5pm to 4am

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday-Closed


641 Classon Ave., Crown Heights, Brooklyn

8. Ethyl’s Alcohol and Food

Ethyl’s Alcohol and Food

The dance bar and pub are themed with a funky 1970s haunt.

The specialties of the bar and dance club are the bar bites, cocktails, dancing floors, live music, and wonderful DJs and sound.

You have possibly gotten an impression of what they help at this bar from its forename; however, the black leather upholstery, red curtains, and disco ball will pull you inside the dance bar. 

The parties, dance, cocktails happen following the 70’s theme in the dance bar club. 

Affordability is not guaranteed, yet, this is the dance bar where paying to the worth is guaranteed.

Hours of Operation:

All Days and Weekends-8pm to 4am


1629 Second Ave., Upper East Side, Manhattan

9. No Fun

The club is surrounded by lush green beauty to breathe when you are tired. 

The dance bar offers cocktails, great snacks, great dines, and an atmosphere to jump, throw, and hip-hop on every beat. 

From evening to late night, you can claim your life and happiness while sipping and strutting in equal parts. 

On weekend nights, the dance floor is packed with hundreds of guests. However, be the early bird to grab your place here. 

Nothing can stop you from dancing and enjoying the nights until you are down.  

Hours of Operation:

Sunday to Thursday-9pm to 5am

Friday, Saturday, Sunday-Closed


161 Ludlow St., Lower East Side, Manhattan

10. Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

This is an underground dance bar in New York. The theme is highly impressive for the dancing jacks.

The entire bar is decorated with vintage furniture, taxidermied animals, exotic images. Guests can often witness incredible tattoos on the bartenders.

Home Sweet Home is a dance bar for people looking to casually hanging out but wishing to sip strong cocktails and dance to various DJs every night. The DJ’s include Jonathan Toubin every Friday. 

Fitting to the bill is not assured, yet, money value is guaranteed. Visit the dance bar with friends and family to capture the lovely moments of life.

Hours of Operation:

Sunday -8pm to 4am

Monday to Thursday-6pm to 4am

Friday & Saturday-4pm to 4am 


131 Chrystie St., Lower East Side, Manhattan

Our survey team visited each one of the dance bars and clubs available in New York before we could list the top dance bars in New York.

Locations Where Top Dance Bars in New York Can be Found

New York is a great city for business and organizing parties. This city offers the best signage to the top dance bars in New York. These bars offer a great cocktail mix, dancing floor, great hip-hop music, DJs, and an atmosphere where your soul is soaked to the aroma. 

Mentioned are the locations of top dance bars in New York:

  1. Brooklyn
  2. Ridgewood Queens
  3. Manhattan
  4. Williamsburg
  5. Bushwick
  6. Crown Heights

These locations are accommodating top dance bars in New York. 

Conclusion on Top Dance Bars in New York

The completion of these top dance bars in New York presents its guests with a sparkling, outstanding, entertaining, and pleasurable atmosphere. These top dance bars in New York deliver tempting cocktails, luxurious and comfortable spaces for privacy, restaurants, and inexpensive rooms to relax after hip and hop. 

Always book the dance bar in advance. The first entry to the dance bar offers you great aids from spacing your feet into the dance bar. These dance bars are located in the heart of New York. 

If you are searching for a dance bar or a stopover in the city, then book one of the top dance bars in New York. 

It will inspire your result to recurrence the night once again. 

New York is a sleepless city. Yes, it is true. But, you are required to know which are dance bars making it sleepless besides offices. Dance bars are one of the locations, which keep the feet moving up and down and sideways.  

If you are a party enthusiast, or a reader concerned to know more about the top dance bars in New York, then you could subscribe to the article or can ask for more information on the comment box, or share it with friends.

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