Terror Attack in Vienna

Terror Attack in Vienna, Austria: At Least 5 Killed By Gunman & 14 People Injured

Austria: People of Vienna has seen a terror attack today in which 5 people have died and more than 14 are injured. The reports are coming that 7 people are still in the serious emergency condition. The shooting took place in the city centre of Vienna, Austria.

Finally, police have shot down the gunman and the authorities have confirmed it as “Islamic terrorism.” So far we have confirmation that two men and two women died on the spot.

Austria’s interior minister Karl Nehammer confirmed that the gunman was carrying the rifle and a fake explosive vest. The police killed the gunman on spot. The reports are confirming that the suspect was a 20-year-old and he was sentenced for 22 months in prison.

He was arrested before for attempting to travel to Syria in order to join the so-called Islamic State. The Police reports have confirmed that the suspect was released from the jail due to laws applying to young adults.

So far the investigating team has searched the house of the suspect and they have made few arrests following the terror attack. The reports are also claiming that police have searched around 15 houses in order to investigate.

The police are trying to make sure that there is no other attack planned. The incident began at about 8 p.m. (2 p.m. ET) Monday when the gunman opened fire near Vienna’s main synagogue.
The people around the area are saying that the gunman starting firing all around the area. He started firing randomly into the bars and many crowded cafes. Sources are saying the gunman was killed within the minutes. The government declared three days of national mourning. The full investigation for the attack is on and the government is trying to ensure the safety of the people.

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