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Stranger Things: 10 Things That Makes No Sense About Season 2: You’ll Get Shocked!

Stranger Things is a horror Sci-fi Web television series which has been created by the Duffer Brothers. The series is an American horror drama which is streaming on Netflix. The twins in the Stranger Things are looking at the showrunner. The executive producer of this web television series is The Duffer Brothers and Shawn Levy. The series originally premiered on 15th of July 2016 only on Netflix. Here we have brought 10 things that make no sense about Season 2 of Stranger Things.

10 Things That Makes No Sense About Stranger Things Season 2

The series stays with the concept of rules of the world whom they have created. The 10 things which do not match with the sense of the Season 2nd given below:-

1. Dustin Keeping Dart

It is mind-blowing that Dustin will harbour a mysterious animal at his home. But his friends afraid from the creature and suggest him to not temp it at home because it would be dangerous for him too. Dustin does not think about his friends and goes against them.

2. Heating The Mind Flayer Out Of Will

The most important reason is that all the scientist are failed to eliminate the virus of The Upside-down. They are endeavouring continuously. Joyce considered that They Expose Will’s body for heating. And also she is speculating, the mind flayer will out from his body.

3. Eleven Not Contacting Mike

In this series, it is also said by the viewers that Eleven has spent a year without talking and contacting Mike. It has been done because Hopper tells her to do that. Eleven has so many little problems which she defying with the Hopper’s rule. This is only the one whom she was chosen as the person, she loves a lot and cares too.

4. Joking After Bob’s Death

The gruesome death of Bob left a deep impression over the audience. Dustin is making comment for the clever name which he thought for his creature. This has become the reason for Bob’s Death. It is looking horror movie which includes horror scenes.

5. Falling To Ask Eleven For Help

Some issues occurred in the lab which is leading to Bob’s demise. It is expected that the death could have been avoided when the group thinks to appeal to Eleven for helping.

6. Becky’s Phone Call

Becky attempts to come out to Hopper. Becky was following Joyce’s request which was related to Eleven. She made phone call after meeting with Eleven. She finds the truthful decisions to make Eleven well being behind her.

7. Brenner’s Replacement

As per as the all viewers swim about that Dr Brenner who disappeared since the two seasons. He was the absent cause of his terrible cover-up of Will’s death.

8. Hopper Exploring Alone

Hopper knows everything, He also knows The Upside Down Danger and also any other lab things. He is sceptical about the things near the lab.  Hopper Says there is something fishy. And goes along with denying to everybody to do not get in. He put himself in danger alone.

9. Eleven Running Away

Eventually, Eleven proved himself to be independent. She goes out of the window patiently and decided to leave Hopper’s cabin and allow herself to be seen by the local of the town. She put her self in the danger.

10. Will’s Map

Here we are talking about season two, and also Will’s Map which is the satisfying plot tool. The Map impersonates the Byers House into a creative arena which is looking like Joyce’s Christmas Light of the Season 1st.

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