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How The U.S. Election Could Affect Europe’s Markets, Economy, and Trade? Experts’ Opinion

The upcoming USA’s elections are not only essential for the Americans but for the country’s economic. Throughout the November elections, there will be a remarkable impact on the whole Atlantic. It is being said that, Europe’s financial market and economic prospects are going to be affected by those who enter the White House. According to the Chief Economist of the Berenberg Bank, Holger Schmieding, U.S’s politics is a serious risk for Europe Economic. In the last week, it is said in the note that An American election is the biggest political risk which has been examined in decades. Read whole information and also know about, Why America’s Election is the serious risk?

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Trade War Between USA & EU

The United States election is being evaluated at Serious Risk for Europeans. If we talk about a trade war between Europe and America, then trade war between these two countries is very harmful because it can cause more loss of EU. If we talk about the session, the European Union has a session of 153 billion euros with the US dollar in 2019. Keep reading and know this in detail. What’s more, in 2019, EU exports saw 384 million euros. European Union imports amounted to 232 billion euros.

Will Trump Be Elected Again?

At that time, not just the trade war, some American tech giants also made a significant part of their global gains on the promotion of the European Union. If Trump is elected again in the election, it is believed that America will again start a trade war with Europe. Last year, Europe did better business with the US than China. But some news has shown that USA elections are going to affect the European market and trade.

You all know that the 2016 US election victory by Donald Trump has affected the world. Donald Trump, as you all know, he was then a blank slate on a large political stage in Washington. At that time, Trump had no status. He was then able, along with many Americans, through his focus on “Making America” ​​great again.

At that time, relations between America and China, and between America and Europe, were being described as very tense. As you all know, there has been a trade war between the US and China for the last 2 years. It is now being feared that this trade war with Europe is going to spread soon.

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