Great Pretender Episode 13

Great Pretender Episode 13 Release Date & Spoilers: Will Edamame find Thomas?

Japanese crime comedy anime Great Pretender is a thrilling heist series which has gained wide attention among anime watchers. The series first premiered in July8,2020 on Japan’s local network +Ultra.  The episodes of the first case were streamed in advance on Netflix in Japan. Later, Netflix also acquired rights to the first three cases and were released worldwide in August 2020. 

Without a doubt, Great Pretender had done an excellent job of portraying an anime in the conman genre. The plot, character development and the execution of the show had received great appreciation from both critics and audiences alike.  The show currently runs in +Ultra and several other television channels and has completed 12 episodes. 

Great Pretender Episode 13 Release Date

Makoto Edamura is the protagonist of the story. He is a con man who wishes to do greater things. In order to save his mother from her illness and pay for her bills, Edamura starts a “real job” in a company. Little did he know that the company engaged in fraudulent activities. He is arrested and put in jail. He realises that a person like him will never find a reputed job. He decided to do his old job. 

Things take a turn when he runs into Laurent Thierry. Laurent is a French con man who is more like a Robinhood. He steals from the riches only to give them back to their victims. Edamura associates with Laurent which also consist of Abigail Jones, Cynthia Moore and Kim Si Won. 

They are now in their greatest heist titles Snow of London.

Great Pretender Episode 13 spoiler

In Episode 13, Edamame ( Edamura ) go in search of Thomas, who is an artist renowmed for his excellent ability to create identical copies of original paintings. He was a victim to James Coleman, an art appraiser, who has made a huge amount out of Thomas by selling duplicates of original artworks. Thomas also had a romantic releationship with one of the Laurent’s crew Cynthia. She tells Edamame that Thomas while working under James had made a huge sum of money. However, he is now broke.  But he decided to stop his wrongdoings and went away to a new place to start a new life. That’s when Cynthia and he broke up. 

Edamame manages to find Thomas. They meet up in the restaurant where Thomas and Cynthia last met. Edamame and Cynthia convinces Thomas to draw a replica of Snow of London in order to get out of his bankruptcy. 

Meanwhile, Abigail meet up with James. She tells him that Laurant is an underground art dealer and that he should meet up with him in his art gallery. This is where  they will sell “Snow of London”. 

Edamame realizes that Thomas lost all his fortune only to undo what he had done. He brought back all the fake paintings from galleries so that others will not be manipulated. Edamame also convinces him to get back together with Cynthia. He shows Thomas a painting of a ring that he had done for Cynthia. Moreover, he asks him to seek revenge on James at least for the sake of Cynthia. 

Great Pretender Episode 13 Release Date: Where to watch?

The show now streams on a weekly basis and the 13th episode will be released on September 30,2020, on +Ultra and also other anime airing channels. Netflix had already released all the three cases in August. 

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