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Who is Alex Cruz? British Airways Replaces CEO Amid Industry’s Worst Crisis as Coronavirus Pandemic Continues

On October 12, Monday, British Airways has announced a new leader for steering the operation. Because coronavirus pandemic has the power to ruin the commercial aviation. According to the reports, which has been revealed on Monday that the chief executive and British Airways Chairman Alex Cruz will be replaced with Sean Doyle who is going manage the same position at IAG-owned Aer Lingus. International Airlines Group has confirmed this to FOX Business. Over the changes, IAG’s CEO Luis Gallego thanked Cruz for his hard work as being a CEO and also appreciates his ability for this post. Know the reason for Alex Cruz to leave the position, through this article.

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Why Alex Cruz Has Resigned From His Position?

According to the Monday reports, it is said that Alex Cruz has resigned from his position due to which he has been immediately replaced with Sean Doyle for the same post. As you know the head of the International Airlines Group (IAG) is Luis Gallego. He has given his first announcement which took over from chief executive Willie Walsh in September.

He said he took this decision due to the worst condition of the airline in the industry. Gallego also admired the work of Alex Cruz as the chief executive and also appreciated his long time work with the Airline Industry.

Who Is Being Brought At The Position Of Alex Cruz’s?

The man who is taking the position of Alex Cruz is Sean Doyle who has worked at British Airways for 20 years before being the head Aer Lingus for two years. This was his excellent job, where he had 20-year work experience. Such reports are saying that Cruz will continue at the company as being non-executive chairman during the period of transition.

As you know British Airline is the largest Airline which is established in the UK fleet size. Moreover, Aer Lingus is being owned by the one and only IAG. Due to coronavirus pandemic, the continuous downturn splurge is in demand for air travel stemming from the COVID-19. This reflects the worst condition for British Airline.

During the hard and difficult time of the coronavirus which is being faced by all over the world, created massive critics over British Airways. The British Airways CEO is being replaced by the Sean Doyle who has 20 years of work experience under British Airways. Stay tuned with this channel for being updated like in the same way!

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