Britain’s Got Talent Controversy: Black Live Matter Performance Related to George Floyd’s Death is Receiving Complaints

Britain's Got Talent Controversy: Black Live Matter Performance Related to George Floyd's Death is Receiving Complaints

ITV’s popular reality show Britain’s Got Talent has been the topic of the controversy this year. It had received over 27,000 complaints. Black Lives Matter performance has become the most controversial display of the year. The anti-racism incited dance performance which described the passing of George Floyd in Police custody. The show displayed a powerful performance that also adored the NHS for its full of strengthful and energetic performance during the novel crisis. But the audience didn’t seem impressive as they claimed that it was too political.

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The complaints were soaring when the judge of the show Alesha Dixon carried BLM necklace. 1,900 complaints were registered at that time. 235 people deplored that Judge Amanda was wearing a very revealing dress last weekend.

Britain’s Got Talent Controversy

The audience has slammed the wardrobe choice of Amanda. Her blue glittery dress which she wore in the last weekend was very revealing. The sexy lady was uncomfortable and unhappy with the complaints as she is likely to release her album and doesn’t want anyone to poke her. Amanda was all ready with the powerful answer to throw on to each person who was saying that her nipples were visible from the dress she was wearing. She said that it was just her bra’s underwire.

Around 305 people arose and complained about Vicar Allan Finnegan’s funeral inspired comedy routine. They described it callous during the COVID-19 death rate. Some viewers were unhappy due to the lack of social distancing on the show amid the pandemic. The show had to go through with great controversy.

Amanda came to her Instagram handle to kill the cleavage controversy. She shared a screenshot and asked in a funny with shocking manner, Who has nipples this close to their cleavage? She has tried best to solve all these controversies but don’t know if the audience gets this.

Ofcom has confirmed before that they wouldn’t be judging the show over Diversity’s performance. The Britain based talent reality show Britain Got Talent has premiered its fourteenth season from the starting of this year but due to COVID-19. Due to COVID-19 pandemic, it has been split into two parts. The first half premiered in April and May while the second half is premiering now on ITV.

It happened just because of COVID-19 pandemic in view of the government’s guidelines. Simon Cowell has created the show while Jonathan Bullen has directed it. The show is all set to conclude in October 2020. Stay connected with us to get the latest updates.


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