BLACKPINK Makes Digitally Comeback With Powerful “Lovesick Girls” Music Video

Good news has revealed today that Blackpink made its a digital release with the first much-awaited studio album named “THE ALBUM”.  Fans were willingly waiting to watch this new track which has now been unfolded. Moreover, the title track of this album is “Lovesick Girls.” This track achieved lots of significant attention of the audience. The thirst for watching Blackpink’s comeback is now Quenched. Here all about this new digitally released single track which is given below in this article, so read it carefully and explore more about it, by the below information.

It is also to be known who is the contributor of this new top-notch and much-awaited track? Jisoo is a lyricist of “Lovesick Girls” as well as with him Jennie too is a lyricist of it. The beautiful lyrics have created the splash into the hearts of the audience if it comes to that more new single tracks are being expected to be released. BLACKPINK Make Digitally Comeback With Powerful “Lovesick Girls” MV. Stay tuned like that!

BLACKPINK Makes Digitally Comeback With Powerful “Lovesick Girls” Music Video

The lyrics of this new song track is being expected that it is a hopeful song which brings the inspirational message about returning to stand on your feet. Moreover, the lyrics of this topnotch new song allude to the love pain. How fantabulous contribution Jisoo and Jennie gave to this song which is alluring to the audience a lot.

With the digital version of the album, BLACKPINK has also unfolded the new music video for LOVESICK GIRLS and also it is showing off the four member’s acting skills. The emotional side of aspect has also been revealed through this music by the topnotch four Korean girls. It is a matter of great pleasure that the Korean Girls Group has gained 10 million views on the ‘Lovesick Girls’ Music track.

Friends, people have liked this music very much. The beauty of Korean girls and their expressions which have also shared emotional and love pain messages to the people is very much liked by the people. Now, this new music track has been dominated all over social media. Now three more new tracks are going to be released soon on 6 October.

As you all know, the ‘Lovesick Girls’ music was released on October 2 at 1:00 pm on The Album, which has been watched by all audiences. And still, some people are watching and enjoying this song. Friends Blackpink’s comeback is very powerful with Lovesick Girls MV. It’s amazing that you can see on YouTube how more than 10 million views this new music tracks have been received.

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