Breonna Taylor Case

Breonna Taylor Case: 2 Officers Shot in Louisville, 1 Suspect Arrested, and Protests Erupt Nationwide

Breonna Taylor Case protest is getting fired up? As per the reports, the protests over the death of Breonna Taylor is getting violent now. The sources are saying that the two officers are now shot down while they were heading towards the untraced call in downtown Louisville. Police reports are confirming that both officers are now in the stable condition for now but the investigation for the firing is started.

The Interim Police chief Robert Schroeder confirmed that the investigation for the shootout is currently ongoing and so far it isn’t clear who fired the shot and why though they have arrested a suspect. The reports also confirming that the whole shooting that could be or could not be related to the protest.

Though this whole thing looks pre-planned as it came after when Kentucky’s attorney general himself announced that there was no officers’ involvement in the fatal police shooting of Breonna Taylor. She was a black emergency medical worker who got killed in her own home.

Breonna Taylor Case

The sources are claiming that approx 8:30 PM when the officers were responding to a large crowd were they hard that shots were fired and in between deploying the situation both of the police officer were shot down. So far we have reported that the one officer is undergoing surgery and the other one is studying for now.

In the end, one suspect has been arrested for the shooting and the FBI is assisting with the local police in this investigation. Overall, this whole thing is really quite sad and the investigation for the same is on.

Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear said, “I’m asking everybody, please go home, go home tonight”. Also, he added that “There will be many times over the coming days when there will be opportunities to be heard, and so many people are listening right now.”

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