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When will Criminal UK Season 3 Release on Netflix? Check Latest Updates

Criminal UK Season 3 release date confirmed? The highly anticipated British police procedural anthology Criminal: UK Season 2 has been released on Netflix on Wednesday September 16. The first Season of the series, which was released last year, was amiably received by the audience that made them inquisitive every time a new scene popped up.

The crime drama is known for its strong characters, unexpected plot twists and high-concept. And of course, the series enthusiasts are already in discussion whether another season is coming back and who the characters are and what role they play. But before that, let’s have a quick glance into the cast of Criminal: UK Season 2.

Netflix Criminal UK  Cast

Although there hasn’t been any change to the central cast of police officers, four brand new suspects have been introduced in the new season and some of them are played by familiar faces in the industry.

Alex Daniels- Kit Harington

Alex Daniel is a suspect introduced in the second season of Criminal UK. He is an arrogant businessman who has been accused of rape by a woman who works for him. The role is played by the very famous HBO show Game of thrones starrer Kit Harrington. This is the actor’s first web series after the mega series marked it’s end last year.

Julie Bryce-Sophie Okonedo

Julie Bryce is the suspect in the first episode of Season 2. She has been brought into the police office on a Sunday after her husband was convicted of a murder. Police have sparse evidence to move forward when the interview with Bryce takes a confidential turn. The character is played by the Oscar-nominated Sophie Okonedo who has also been a part of shows like Criminal Justice (2009). She had received a nomination for the Academy Award for Best supporting Actress for her breakthrough performance in the movie Hotel Rwanda (2004).

Danielle Dunn -Sharon Horgan

Danielle is an observant put forward by an online group that hunts down sexual predators in the third episode. The team tries to crack this vigorous defendant in order to solve the crimes. This character is played by the hit series Catastrophe actress Sharon Horgan. She is an actress, writer, comedian and producer. Horgan particularly gained fame for creating the HBO comedy series Divorce (2016-2019) and is a seven-time BAFTA TV Award nominee in which she won one.

Sandeep Singh (Kunal Nayyar)

Sandeep is a convicted criminal who is brought in by the investigators in the fourth episode to aid them in another ongoing investigation. They promise him a deal as an alternative to this. The character is played by the very famous British-Indian actor Kunal Nayyar, who has been known for portraying Rajesh Koothrappali on the comedy show The Big Bang Theory.

The sequel to Criminal: UK also witnesses a return of the investigators of the first one like Natalie (Katherine Kelly) and Tony (Lee Ingleby).

Criminal UK Season 3 Release Date?

Criminal: UK has definitely secured its place on Netflix and fans are eagerly waiting for a third Season to happen. As far as we know, a third season might be announced in the coming months and its release can be expected in September of  2021. The central cast of the investigation team is likely to remain the same to its preceding ones. However, we can expect a fresh bunch of suspects in it.

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