BB 4 Tamil Today’s Episode: Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 6th October Written Updates With Latest Spoilers of Tuesday

The popular director of Tamil films Kamal Hassan is once again back with the newest episode of Bigg Boss Tamil. The fourth episode of Bigg Boss Tamil premiered on Star Vijay on 4th October 2020. Kamal Hassan introduced 16 housemates who will compete for the title of Bigg Boss Tamil season 4. On Sunday, makers broadcasted a three-hour-long premiere episode. You all may have witnessed the tour of a new house. Here is the complete list of the contestants.

Bigg Boss 4 Tamil Contestants

  • Ven Murugan
  • Gabriella
  • Jithan Ramesh
  • Nisha
  • Ramya Pandian
  • Aari Arjunan
  • Aajeedh
  • Suresh Chakravarthy
  • Sanam
  • Shivani
  • Samyuktha
  • Rekha
  • Rio
  • Som
  • Anitha Sampath
  • Bala

The show has brought a lot of twist and drama. The show has revealed three promos of today’s episode. One of the promos shows Anitha got emotional. Anitha is a popular news anchor and television host. You may be thinking the beautiful girl who always has a pretty smile, why brought tears in her eyes?

Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 6th October Written Updates

Here you will get your answer. As you all know the first task of the show is not still incomplete. Today it will be concluded. This task is the mock practice voting for nomination for the ejection of this week. The housemates’ had to choose two of their favourite contestants and two whom they haven’t interacted with yet.

They had to give them a heartbroken symbol. When Anitha’s turn comes she chooses Aranthangi Nisha and Jithan Ramesh as their favourite. While Samyukta and singer Velmurugan, whom she hasn’t integrated with yet.

In today’s episode, she will have tears in her eyes. She would be talking about her mom’s inferiority complex. Anitha will be saying that her mother should learn something to Nisha as she has a dark complexion but still shines like a star. She stated that she sees her mother in Nisha. Anitha says that her mother usually hesitates to wear jewellery and never attended her school events. She said that Nisha had the courage to make weakness her power and now she is a star.

Nisha has entertained the audience in the first episode. She was the one who has a strong connection with each housemate. Today, you will see Nisha hugging Anitha to calm her down. Bigg Boss Tamil 4  will be bringing so many twists to the audience. After watching the promo we can consider that Anitha and Nisha will have a strong bond in the upcoming episodes. You can enjoy the show on Star Vijay. Stay connected with us for more fresh updates.

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