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3 Most Innovative NFT Projects To Consider In 2022.

There are probably millions of NFTs out there on display at this very moment on the Internet. Added to the hype, thousands of NFT projects are kickstarting every day. Amidst all the buzz, you sure need to break a sweat to dig into the most standout ones! If you feel like trading NFT or metaverse projects, you need to look for the best crypto signals providers on the internet. They often trade SAND, MANA and AXS like tokens with quite the accuracy.

Well, we’ve done the legwork on your behalf. Here are the 3 most innovative NFT projects of 2022…

Crypto Baristas, a.k.a the World’s First NFT Funded Cafe

60 of the rarest caffeine enthusiastic characters is the epicenter of this World’s First NFT Funded Cafe project. Owners of a Crypto Barista NFT can enjoy all things caffeine for a lifetime in the future cafes and websites. They will be responsible for conceptualizing the making of future Baristas. Also, owners get the privilege to control a Barista Bank.

Dan Hunnewell, the founder of Crypto Barista, confirmed Barista Bank will be funded by 15% of the total Crypto Baristas’ revenue. His goal is to bring all the like minds under one roof who appreciates art, caffeine, and entrepreneurship.

The project will execute on a theme of ‘seasonal launches‘. Each season will focus on an undertaking within their ventures, and reward all owners with quirky perks and governance.


Mattey & Matt B are the two friends responsible for the Mekaverse Project. These two 3D designers hopped into the NFT realm with a vision in mind to recreate the Japan Mecha universes. Mekaverse set foot in October 2021. Even long before its release, MekaVerse became one of the most talked-about NFT projects.

It is an Ethereum based NFT collection featuring robot-styled artworks, a.k.a the Mekas. The collection features 8,888 generative Mekas. It is undoubtedly one of the most successful NFT debuts in recent history, making a little over $60 million in the first couple of hours of its release.

Enthusiasts acquired Meka’s first glimpse at the Gundam-inspired artwork. 30th of August marks the first announcement of Mekaverse on Discord and Twitter.

The roadmap of the MekaVerse project consists of bringing to life the Mekas via high-quality 3D printed toys. Every Meka has its own story that comes with it. Meka has also sparked a bit of controversy a couple of times.

Invisible Friends

Lastly, we have Invisible Friends on the list. It is one of the most hyped NFT collections comprising 5000 unique GIF-style NFTs, all set to drop on the 23rd of February 2022. These NFTs are a bunch of walking-style animations, bright, crisp, and eye-catching. Artwork of these kinds is uncomplicated and light-hearted.

This project is built on the Ethereum blockchain and is undoubtedly the most anticipated NFT project to date. It has already gained a massive following on Discord and Twitter.

The only way you may mint one of the 5000 characters is by getting selected in the Whitelist. However, if you are not lucky enough, do not fret! Feel free to check out the intricately designed merch bundle that holds a lot of collectibles.

Marcus Magnusson, an illustrator, is the brain behind The Invisible Friends. He is a renowned animator who is also a member of RCC. The project has already attracted a lot of potential buyers and is among RCC’s greatest anticipated NFT projects.

If you are one of those who appreciate GIFs and memes, Invisible Friends might be your thing to look out for!

Final Words

Determining a great NFT project is daunting, and it becomes more challenging to pick one for investing. For our top picks, we have focused on projects that are much more than mere artwork…hope you like it!

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