Binance to Launch Arbitrum Perpetual Contract Soon
Binance to Launch Arbitrum Perpetual Contract Soon

Binance to Launch Arbitrum Perpetual Contract Soon

Once again, Binance Futures is creating a stir in the cryptocurrency industry. Just 15 minutes after starting spot trading in Arbitrum (ARB) on Binance on Wednesday, they declared that they would be introducing the Arbitrum (ARB) perpetual contract. The community is buzzing with excitement at this wonderful news!

If you aren’t already aware, Arbitrum is a blockchain scaling solution aimed to increase transaction speeds and lower gas costs. It makes sense why everyone is so excited about it because this technology has the potential to transform how we utilize cryptocurrency.

But wait, there’s more! March 23rd is the proposed date for the eagerly awaited Arbitrum airdrop, which will only stoke the fire. Given the rapid pace of these changes, it is obvious that Binance Futures is setting the standard for cutting-edge crypto solutions.

Merely, it implies there will be more chances to make money! For ARB, Binance Futures offers both spot trading and perpetual contracts, giving investors a variety of ways to benefit from this innovative new technology.

Twitter is Thrilled with the Latest Announcement

With this newest offering, Twitter is raising a lot of buzzes. The crypto influencer Hsaka was quick to point out that, only 15 minutes after ARB spot trading began on the market, Binance Futures had introduced ARB everlasting trading. As it typically takes days for exchanges to list perp contracts after an airdrop, this is a big deal.

Furthermore, the already impressive listing plan of Coinbase will also include Arbitrum (ARB) soon. The community is thrilled over this widely anticipated move and is looking forward to the inclusion of ARB on this renowned platform. Now that Arbitrum has entered the list, we are eager to watch how Binance Futures and Coinbase will continue to influence the sector.

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