2020 Election Voter Registration

2020 Election Voter Registration Closed in Some States- Check Detailed Info & Deadline Here

Registration to vote for the presidential elections in the United States will end today on Monday in 11 states. This includes Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Mississippi, Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas. Sunday marked the last day of registration in Alaska and Rhode Island. 

This week will also mark the end of registration in other states. Tuesday is the last day of registration in New Mexico while in New York and Oklahoma it is Friday. The deadline for residents of Delaware is Saturday. 

This deadline is applicable for all means of registration: In-person, online or mail-in. 

Registration to vote in the 2020 elections ceases today

The residents of the following states- Arkansas, Maine, Mississippi, Montana, New Hemisphere, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Texas or Wyoming- will have to register in person in the election offices near their locality. They can also opt for mail-in registration. 

The inhabitants of Washington D.C and 21 other states can also register for a vote on the day of Election. They need to carry with them valid ID proof and certificate of residence.  North Dakota does not need to register to vote. This can also vary depending on the state to state. Visit U.S. Vote Foundation to find the deadline of each state for registration. 

So far, New York had a decent number of registration. Nearly 87.1 percentage of New Yorkers have registered to vote. This is higher in comparison to 66.9 per cent of the national average. The greatest number of registration is from people of 65 years and above. The percentage of registration of eligible voters in 18-29 years of age are lesser. 

In Florida, the site for registration of votes has crashed due to the increased traffic. The site was restored around 6 pm. Secretary of State Laurel Lee , on Monday, said that the Florida residents must vote before the end of the day. A similar incident had also taken place in October 2018 during the midterm elections. 

How to register for the vote?

If you haven’t registered till now, then here’s how you need to do so. Visit vote.gov.com and select your state. Fill the details asked. Mail-in. 

Online registration is available for 40 states and the District of Columbia. Download the National Mail Voter Registration Form from the website. Fill the details asked either virtually or by hand. You have to self attest the form with your signature. This is mandatory. The registration process of different states, is, however, not the same. 

Last year, several voters had to re-register to vote as they were rejected by the election commission. Ensure that you have been registered to vote before the deadlines. 

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