Xbox Series X and Series S

Xbox Series X and Series S: Know Price, Specs, Controller, Games, Launching Date & More

The Microsoft has two Boxy Machines which will be launched worldwide on 10 November 2020. It is being considered that The Xbox Series X and Series S might be looking like the Future of Xbox. Microsoft is bringing the new types of games for the new generation. As you know the Microsoft is launching the two Boxy Machines which include the games for which you don’t have to pay. It can be playable in window 10. You can attain them with the Xbox game pass subscription. You will be able to play the Xbox games in North America, European, and Asian Market that too on your mobile phones. Read more information about Xbox Series X and Series S and also get to know the launching date, Price, Specs, Controller, and all which are to be known.

Xbox Series X and Series S

What do you mean by Xbox Series X and Series S? So many questions are being raised by the willing people. These to series would be the most powerful home console which you have ever seen. It is being fixed that Xbox Series X is up to $499. It has a powerful feature which is being firstly made by Microsoft. It has the alluring features like Specs, Top-notch respective Games, Robust Backwards compatibility and also Unprecedented compatibility.

Xbox Series X is being considered beautiful. Xbox Series X is understood game-wise which does not have any massive title. Xbox Director of Program Management who is Jason Ronald announced that Xbox Series X will give you the golden chance to select the game what you love to play most and will be able to save it in your phone storage.

Xbox Series X and Series S Specification

Xbox Series X’s games will be available on both Xbox One and the PC, for just next to some years. The player will be able to enjoy the first top-notch and best party series. There are some new series games like Halo Infinite and Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II. As per as the reports it has been explored by some multiple information that the new Xbox Series X has been released on 3rd of October 2020.

Surinsed that 200 GB of the Xbox series’s 1 TB SSD will be able to serve in the file. and also it is providing the 800 GB storage space to play it any time. The release date of Xbox Series X is 10th November 2020. the prize will be $499. It has the top-notch features like 4K visuals at 60 FPS, 8K and 120 fps support. Stay associated with this channel for being updated with the new and latest things and top-notch news!

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