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Who was Sid Hartman? Legendary Minnesota Sports Journalist Dies At The Age of 100

Sid Hartman, an American journalist has said goodbye to the world on 18th October at the age of 100 years. The sports journalist hails from Minneapolis. Sid’s one and only son, Chad Hartman of WCCO Radio, has announced the demise of his father. He said an oddish life has arrived at the serene conclusion. Hartman was born on 15th March 1920 in Minneapolis. He was born to a Jewish family. His father was Jack Hechtman and mother Celia Weinberg.

Who was Sid Hartman?

The origin of Hartman’s parents was not in the USA but they immigrated to two different part of the country to America. When Sid’s father Jack Hechtman was 16, migrated to America while his mother Celia was just nine when she moved to the US from  Latvia. Sid Hartman’s parents died in 1972. His father was not able to read and write and was a truck driver. Sid Harman used to sell the newspaper to help the family to make ends meet. It was the duty which made the work ethic that would represent him.

Hartman’s said in an interview when he was just 12-year-old. He started riding a bike to sell newspaper around the town to help his family. The legendary personality has cherished his career, the man applauds as where he came from. He said that when he was in high school received a job in circulation hence he also dropped out of the school.

It’s been a long when he started writing for a newspaper. His work in the past eight decades has become must-read columns in the newspaper. He has also contributed to function the Minneapolis Lakers and obtained the title. Tarkenton says in one of the interviews that he is the most honest and great sports journalist, he has ever seen. He continues that he can have an interview with anyone. Due to this, he has been honoured over & over.

Sid had values for friendship and it was cleared by himself when he talked about his dear friend Bud Grant. Grat also says on this that he is the luckiest guy to get a friend like Sid. They share a special bond of friendship as the duo has been friends since 1945. We give tribute to the legend. Stay connected to get the latest updates from around the world.

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