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Who was DJ Cookie Monsta? How He Died? & Check DJ Cookie Monsta Net Worth, Wiki, and Bio

Tony Cook known as Cookie Monsta was 31 years, young DJ and Dubstep producer. He belongs to the United Kingdom, Nottingham and learned music technology in college. He started his career really soon and began working on his brother’s PlayStation creating sounds on Music 2000. This work helped him to decide about his career in the same field hence he took admission in the college to pursue music technology. It seems quite interesting, isn’t it? The amazing and energetic DJ gained love from around the world and made an important place in everybody’s heart.

DJ Cookie Monsta Died?

On his passing, the world would miss him from the core of their heart. The heartbreaking news has been given by his music label Circus records. They penned a note on Twitter, where they began with ” we would miss your bro along with the entire world”. They released a poster where a note could be seen along with an amazing picture of Cookie Monsta.

The poster says everybody’s loved Tony Cookie has left the world. They are completely broken with this devasting news and they are unable to control their feeling. They also mentioned Tony’s son Olly, the little Monsta. Circus records also consoled his family and close ones.

They also informed they wouldn’t say anything further out of the respect of Tony’s family. They wouldn’t comment until it’s needed. He has played at many biggest dance festivals throughout the world. It was including many big event names such as Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas, Glastonbury, and Electric Zoo.

Cookie was born on 5th May 1989 and belongs to England. He was living with his one and only son Olly. Till now, the reason for his death is under the wraps. If we go back in May 2019, Cookie Monsta shared news of the cancellation of his music tour. According to one of the posts, the reason for cancellations was his mental health.

DJ Cookie Monsta was suffering from Mental Health?

Monsta shared a post on social media where penned, “He was going through the health issues from a few weeks or months, it became harder than ever for him. A cookie also informed that he was not online for a long while as he was trying to keep him away from the limelight.”

He shared this on his Facebook handle and added that unfortunately, he hasn’t achieved what he decided but due to circumstances he had to take a long break from it. He informed with the heavy heart that he could not perform in the upcoming events. It can be possible that his mental health has taken his life. Stay connected with us to get the latest updates from around the world.

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