Who is Willy Wonka? & Why He Got Hate Comments on TikTok?

Willy Wonka

TikToker Duke Depp, who has become famous for portraying the fictional character Willy Wonka played by Johnny Depp in one of his movies, became the latest victim to cancel culture. The social media platforms began striking the video maker after one of his latest released videos potentially aroused racist comments. This led to many of his followers calling for the cancellation of the star. 

What did he say in the video?

On October 1, Willy Wonka posted a video responding to one of the comments by his fans from another video. It asked whether Wonka was capable of speaking in Spanish. It said. “Can Mr. Wonka speak Spanish?” The TikTokers was responding to this video. In the response visual, Wonka uses the background song “Un Poco Loco” from the Disney movie Coco. He then asks, “Yo soy Willy Wonka si?” and later goes on to eat chips and salsa. In the caption of the video, the Tiktoker said that he doesn’t know Spanish but that he wished to learn it.

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Things did not go out as planned for the TikToker. All he meant was a funny way to answer his fan’s query. Soon after that, many of the followers were displeased by the content. They criticised him for stereotyping the Spanish people. Things escalated with many others calling him a racist. 

As the TikToker realized his ignorance, he immediately deleted the video from the platform. This did not stop the backlash. Many people posted the same video in their own pages which made the matters much worse. 

Willy Wonka Apologized in the next video 

Even when Wonka removed the potentially “racist” video from his page, he did not address the matter there.  He, however, went on to apologize on other social media dias like Instagram and Twitter. He posted an apology story in one of his Instagram stories. It said. 

“Hey, guys I just want to come on here and apologize for a TikTok video that I made a few days ago that was ‘Willy Wonka Speaking Spanish.  The video was totally uncalled for and I’m so sorry to anyone that I offended or anyone that I stereotyped inside of the video. That was not the intention of the video and I’m truly so sorry.” 

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Wonka also apologized in his twitter account. “I am so sorry about my “Spanish speaking video” on Tiktok. Looking back on the video now I absolutely understand why the video was wrong. To anyone who I hurt with the video I apologize, and I promise to be better.” 

Fans came forward supporting the Tiktoker. Several Willy Wonka fans raised their support for the Tiktoker stating that it was indeed a minor offence and that he never meant it like that. They said that those people who find the video highly offensive must be too sensitive. Duke Depp is not the first Tiktoker to become the victim of Cancel culture. World-famous Tiktokers have found themselves in the hot boil in the past few months.

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