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Who is Jason Miller? Donald Trump’s Advisor Jason Miller’s Net Worth, Wiki, & Biography

Jason Miller is an advisor of Donald Trump (Political Party) as an American communication strategist. He is well known for being the spokesman for Donald Trump 2016 presidential campaign as well as Transition of Donald Trump. In 2020 he is considered a senior adviser of the Trump’s re-election campaign. Such reports are disclosing that he has been recently announced to be the White House Communications Director. meanwhile the presidential transition. We will tell you entire about Jason Miller through this article but before that, you will have to pay attention to this article and will have to read like in the same flow of reading.

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Who Is Jason Miller?

Jason Miller is an American famous political party’s advisor who was born and brought up in Seattle. He got a degree in Bachelor of Arts that too in Political Science and has completed his graduation from George Washington University. He has a wife and two beautiful daughters with whom he is living near Washington, D.C. He has another affair with A.J Delgado, by whom he has a child. The man is well known for being the spokesman for Donald Trump 2016 presidential campaign as well as Transition of Donald Trump.

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Career In Politics

If we talk about his career in politics then he started his first job in a political party that too in between 1994 to 1997. He is an American advisor of the political party too. He has been the staff assistant in U.S Senator Slade Gorton of Washington. Recently he has been announced for being the incoming White House Communications Director. Now he is a Senior Advisor of the Trump’s 2020 Re-election campaign. After completing graduation he moved to San Diego, California.

In California, he spent most of the time as Coalitions Director. He came back to the state as being the Issa’s political director in 1999. In 2000 he emerged as campaign manager for “Ric Keller.” Whatever is being said by us that all have been saif after researching too much about Jason Miller.

The senior campaign advisor has now attained backlash online after saying that Biden wears a mask as a “Prop.” As per as you know that Jason works as the chief spokesperson for the 2016 Campaign which is of Political party. He is a very active man on his twitter handle where he has 170 thousand fan followings. Having been the advisor of Donald Trump, he is glad so much.

Also in an interview taken by ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, Jason said The Heath Guidelines are taken very serious by the team of Donald Trump. Stay tuned with our channel for being updated like in the same way!

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