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US Election 2020: Joe Biden Campaign Finds 3rd Virus Link- Kamala Harris Suspends Travel?

Two things in America are rising rapidly. One is COVID-19 cases and other is campaigns of Presidential election. There is a piece of bad news for the Joe Biden as three people who have been the part of Joe Biden campaign tested positive for COVID-19. In view of it, the vice-presidential nominee of Democratic party, Kamala Harris has temporarily halted the in-person even. Joe Biden’s campaign discloses on Thursday, Joe Biden is not changing his public plan. They also said that he had no direct danger to the individual who found positive for the novel coronavirus as explained by the CDC.

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  • Three COVID-19 positive cases in Joe Biden’s campaign
  • Required precaution during campaigns

This travel halt disrupts the joe campaign’s hostile force over a wide battleground map, that includes Ohio and California, within three weeks of the election. It is one of the extreme COVID-19 terror. It’s been over months to the safety precautions release. But the safety precautions have always been ignored by the President himself. We have seen him mocking safety precautions. Even, we know that many close to him have contacted the virus. His wife and first lady Melania Trump are one of them.

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COVID-19 positive cases in Joe Biden’s campaign

It is really embarrassing to the country as the leading parties of the country kicking off the safety rules. On Thursday morning, two positive cases found in Joe Biden’s campaign. One of them is Kamala Harris’s communication director Liz Allen while another is the flight crew member of Harris’s last trip. Till the evening of the same day, a new case appears which came in the contact of the first two cases.

The third is a member of the aviation company who was travelling for Florida and Ohio. According to the campaign, the man entered from the back of the plane and sat far away from Joe Biden. Amid this Biden and Harris, spent over 8 hours together during the campaign on 8 October.

Since Thursday, both have them tested negative several times for the virus. Though, each person, travelling in the campaign aircraft of Joe Biden are required to wear a mask throughout the journey.

On Thursday afternoon, Donald Trump took the part in the rushed rally without a mask. He also gave his best wishes to Kamala and his uncertainty of putting on a facemask.

Harris would continue her virtual campaigns which were initially scheduled for Thursday to Saturday. The people taking part in Democratic campaigns are required to wear a mask and maintain social distancing. They have often seen setting chairs in the plastic circle with six feet distance. Stay connected for more updates.

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