'The Crown' Season 4

‘The Crown’ Season 4 Trailer Sees Dark Twist on Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s Fairytale

The British historical drama series ‘The Crown’ has been renewed for the fourth season. What will you see there? Don’t you have an idea? Don’t mind as the trailer of the series has unveiled. The promising trailer will be giving you all the answer to your question. Netflix has released the trailer on its official social media handles on 13th October. The fourth season will be portraying Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s wedding. It would also feature various uncovered moments of the British royal family during the period of 1980s.

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Do you know who is playing the spellbind role of Princess Diana? Let us remind you of the American series Pennyworth. A girl who played a night club dancer and aspiring actress. Now you may remember the name, she was Emma Corrin. Yes, Emma is returning to play Princess Diana. Each season of The Crown was containing 10 episodes. This time as well you will be able to enjoy 10 episodes. All the episodes of The Crown premiers in the month of November or December.

If we talk about the fourth season so it is releasing just after one year of the third one. The last season streamed on Netflix on 17th November 2019. This season is coming on 15th November 2020 just after one month from today.

The Crown season 4 Trailer

Olivia Colman will be playing Elizabeth, the queen of Britain. Apart from her, it would also star Helena Bonham, Tobias Menzies, Marion Bailey, Erin Doherty, Charles Dancer, Gillian Anderson, Emerald Fennell and Josh O’Connor.

The entire series covers the life of Queen Elizabeth II. This journey starts with her wedding in 1947 and set to end at the present day. The filming of the fourth season began in August 2019. The makers said that filming of the show was completed before the lockdown of COVID-19 crisis.

You can see in the trailer of The Crown, Emma is dressing a recreation of Princess Diana’s wedding outfit. She says in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the experience of wearing that dress was incredible that one can’t imagine. Emma says that she really enjoyed the moment of wearing the dress. She also says that she really enjoyed the fitting of the dress as she is the biggest fidget in the world. She is unable to carry unfit dresses, Corrin also says that the whole sewing-tailor team may hate her for this behaviour.

Emma says that people should know Diana in the starting years of her life. At the age of 20, she tied the knot to Prince Charles at the age of 1981. At the time of her death in 1997, she was just 36. The actress says that she has learnt so much and also surprised when she knew about her fashion sense.

She says that Diana carried yellow dungarees for her second meeting with Charles. Emma says that she was surprised to know the sense of carrying clothes of Diana. She says that fashion is something that grows with you. It’s reality Emma applies this on herself as well. She says when she looks at her childhood and sense of wearing clothes it was so terrible. Don’t forget to enjoy the fourth season of The Crown next month until the release, enjoy the trailer. Stay connected to get the latest updates.

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