Stranger Season 2 Episode 15 Release Date on Netflix- Expected Story Plot & Twist

Stranger Season 2

South Korean drama Stranger Season 2 marked its premiere on August 15, 2020, and has successfully completed 15 episodes of this. The sixteenth episode will mark the end of the hit series. The show had received many nominations and had won the Grand Prize for Television at the 54th Baeksang Arts Awards. It has also achieved a place in The New York Times best TV show in 2017. 

Since its launch, Stranger has become an international success. It had secured its own place in the 100s of series launched on Netflix. 

Netflix Stranger Season 2

Season 2 released three years after its prequel. The second season of Stranger marks the return of the favourite duo – Prosecutor Hwang Si-Mok ( Cho Seung -woo) and police inspector Han Yeo-jin( Bae Boo-Na), They continue their journey together to seek the truth behind their cases. 

The second season starts two years later after Season 1 ended. Si-Mok and Yeo-jin no longer work together. But fate brings them back together. However, they turn out to be on opposite sides. The prosecutors want investigations to themselves without any restrictions. The police team wants the cases away from the prosecutors’ influences. The two protagonists find themselves on two poles. They, however, team up to conduct their own case. This season also sheds light to the dirty politics in the judiciary prevalent in South Korea. 

What happened in Episode 13 and 14?

The episode begins with Woo interrogating Lee Yeon Jae regarding the Hanjo lawsuit. Kang Won Chul and Ju Seon discussed the same. Lee also admits to Choi on sending Ju Seon to investigators. 

Si Mok is on his own investigation on a student assault case. He tells Yeo Jin that Dong Jae had been checking upon similar incidents years ago. Dong Jae had also contacted a victim named Kim Hu. Yeo Jin then decides to meet up with Kim Hu who has been staying in Bogwang-dong. Si Mok also joins her later. Kim Hu Jeong is now a suspect in the mysterious case of the death of some of his friends. Kim Hu Jeong runs away from them without getting caught. 

Even after Dong Jae’s abduction is resolved, the mystery behind Park Gwang Su’s death remains. All the loops in the cases will be completed in the coming episodes. 

Where to watch Stranger Season 2?

New episodes of Stranger 2 are released every Saturdays and Sundays at 8:00 pm on tvN in South Korea. The 15th episode will premiere on October 4, 2020. This will be followed by the 16th episode which will also mark the end of the series. 

Netflix has also acquired the right to these shows for the US $200,000 per episode and is simultaneously released as a Netflix Original. The viewers can watch the entire season on this platform.


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