Russian Editor Irina Slavina Dies After Setting Herself On Fire: Why?

A Russian news editor Irina Slavina dies in front of an interior ministry office which is in the city of Nizhniy Novgorod. She dies after setting herself on fire. Moreover, the editor earlier wrote something on Facebook. She Wrote for asking us to blame the Russian Federation for her demise. It is a suicidal case which is alleging to the Russian Federation. The case of the Russian news editor’s death is solving now. The authority has confirmed that she dies and her body has been found with lots of burns spots. Read some more information about the Russian news editor through below info.

Russian Editor Irina Slavina Dies

Irina Slavina was the top-notch editor in the chief of the Kozapress news website which is in the Nizhniy Novgorod City. As per the reports has been said by Slavina that on Thursday the police has searched in her flat. Police were searching for material related to the pro-democracy group open Russia. All the essential resources have been snatched by her like Computers and data.

The footage revealed the incident of her when she set herself on fire. That was the horrible moment which has been captured in the CCTV Footage. The investigative committee has confirmed that Irina who has a husband and a daughter, died due to setting herself on fire.

Who Is Was Slavina

Irina Slavina was a Russian new editor who worked at the chief of the small Koza press news website. On Friday she committed suicide after burning on fire. Her house was searched by the police on Thursday. Moreover, along with her, some another 6 people who are too from Nizhny Novgorod were being searched by the police. She was known for her profession.

Why Irina Slavina’s Home Was Searched?

On Thursday she stated that 12 people were forcibly entered in her flat and seized all the essential asset like her Drive and laptop. She is an editor in the news field and the things which she had, that was all for revealing the truth of the Russian Federation.

The case of her death turns into the criminal case. In the statement, hse revealed that a journalist fined 5000 roubles cause of her coverage of the event. It is said by the authority that the event which she held was related to an undesirable organisation. However, the popular news editor set herself on fire which is resulting in a criminal case. Stay associated with this channel for being updated with the same types of news and information.

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