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Ola, Uber Suspend Services in Delhi till 31st March

Ride-hailing services Ola and Uber have suspended services completely in the national capital of Delhi till 31st March. The decision has been taken to contribute towards the government’s efforts of slowing down the spread of COVID-19. Ola and Uber will, however, operate in other Indian cities with restricted riding options. 

Uber previously suspended shared riding facilities. The latest move has been confirmed by a spokesperson from Uber.
He stated, “In compliance with the government guidelines, we are temporarily suspending all Uber services in your city. This means that Uber rides services will not be available until further notice,” 

Ola, on the other hand, will also continue to provide restricted riding options across the country (except Delhi) for essential requirements.

Ola spokesperson told, “Ola will continue to encourage citizens to limit travel only for essential emergency needs as per the Government’s directive. We will enable a minimal network of vehicles to support essential services in cities, wherever applicable, as part of this national effort to reduce the contagion of COVID-19,”

With effect from today, New Delhi has imposed a complete lockdown including the operation of private buses, taxis, autorickshaws, and e-rickshaws. 

Apart from New Delhi, many other states and UTs in India including West Bengal, Punjab, Ladakh, Maharashtra, etc. are under lockdown. As of now, 415 Indians have tested positive for the Coronavirus.

In a quest to stop the spread of this disease, the GoI has taken some drastic measures and it is great to see businesses aligned with those intentions. 

Apart from India, most countries across the globe are facing the wrath of COVID-19. Italy and Spain are a few of the worst affected countries. The number of cases in the USA is also substantially high. Uber and Lyft are offering restricted services in the US as well. 


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