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‘Mean Girls” Cast Reunites After 16 Years To Encourage Voting? Check Full Story!

The presidential election in America is just around the corner and the cast of Mean Girl surprised everyone. You may be thinking what is the connection between election and the cast of Mean Girl? and Why we are talking about the cast of your favourite film after more than a decade? Let us tell you that the iconic cast of Mean Girl appeared on Zoom. The cast was including Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Seyfried, Tina, Rachel McAdams, Ana Gasteyar, Daniel Franzese, Tim Meadows, and others.

Katie Couric uploaded the video on her Instagram handle yesterday. She also mentioned that the election in the USA is just a month far on 3rd November. The video freshened the old memories of the audience. The entire cast asked people to cast their vote in the upcoming election.

The cast members shared their experience of portraying their role. Seyfried shared her experience and disclosed as she was similar to Karen Smith. She opened up on how she used to behave to stay out the drama was similar to Karen’s character.

Lacey Chabert said that as she read the script she fell in the love with Gretchen Wieners at the same moment. As you all know that Lacey played the character of Gretchen Wieners. The script attracter her to portray the character. She talked about her character and added that lately, she thought that she was highly insecure and very desirous to take anyone’s permission. It was the thing which made her vulnerable.

Mean Girl is a teen film which released in 2004. Mark Waters directed the comedy film while Tina Fey wrote it. Tina was also the part of the video conference and Katie gave her the credit to bring the cast back together. She also asked people to share their dream cast on the official site of the film for the new adaptation of the series.

At the last moment of the videocall, Chabert encouraged the people of the United States to cast vote. It was really amazing to see the cast of Mean Girl together after a break of 16 years. It is really a long period. The people may have enjoyed the reunion video shared by Katie. In that clip, we also saw some sweet and interesting moments from the film.

The comment section of the video was showing some happy comments of the viewers. Netizens were missing Rachel McAdams badly. Hope next time we will be able to see Rachel as well. Stay connected with us to get the latest updates from India and around the world.

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