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Liquidus: A Platform That Makes DeFi Processes Simple With Opportunities For Increased Returns

There has been a boost to the decentralised finance services ever since the pandemic started. As people have lost jobs and received pay cuts, everyone is on the lookout for alternative sources of income. Cryptocurrency with its numerous slots of investment and trading has proven to be a great asset and has seen continuous growth in 2021. Liquidity mining, yield farming and staking can ensure large returns on crypto assets. Liquidus addresses some of the prevalent issues that most investors face in DeFi and has come up with a solution to make sure that everyone can leverage maximum benefits. 

What is Liquidus?

Liquidus is an application that makes the DeFi space accessible to all kinds of audiences. It has put together the best of platforms like Nexo and Celsius that are known for their modest and simple nature. Liquidus combines such simplicity with much higher APY earnings. The collections of tools available in Liquidus relieves users of complicated procedures that arise with handling transactions manually. Liquidus is also a tool that makes way for easy staking on crypto assets on leading DeFi platforms. It helps users to earn premium rates in the decentralised economy by simplifying liquidity and staking. 

Features of Liquidus

The main goal of Liquidus is to make DeFi as simple as possible. Tokens can be added to liquidity pools that are (whitelisted by Liquidus) with just a single click. Liquidus will guide users throughout the process with additional educational insights. This drastically reduces the chances of risky mistakes. 

The platform has smart automatisation and the platform recommends opportunities according to the changing APY rates. Liquidus AI will continuously scan the holdings and will suggest alternative pools on competing platforms that offer higher interest rates. Users can decide to move their funds using the automated interface of Liquidus. Liquidus Boost enables users to earn additional APYs on their assets. The boost feature will allow up to 200% additional APY on their liquidity pools for a period of 24 hours every week. 

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