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K-Drama Record of Youth Episode 9 Release Date- Recap of Episode 8 Check Here

When Record of Youth premiered its first episode on September 7, it topped the charts on Monday-Tuesday K-dramas on tvN. As the show completes it’s three weeks on screen, fans are so in love with its characters.. The story revolves around the life  of three youngsters-Sa Hye Joon, Ahn Jung Ha and Won Hae Hyo. They strive so hard to keep up in the modelling world in spite of the obstacles they face.

KDrama Record of Youth

The show aired earlier this month on the local Korean network tvN as well as in Netflix. The three main leads are played by Park Bo Gum, Park So Dam and Byun Woo Seok. Park Bo Gum plays Sa Hye Joon who is a popular actor and model. Joon’s mother and grandfather are extremely supportive of his choice while his father and brother always turn him down. Park So Dam plays Ahn Jung Ha who makes her living as a celebrity make up artist. Even when she is humiliated by her employer, she fights so much to achieve her dreams. Byun Woo Seok stars as Won Hae Hyo who has made a name for himself in the modelling industry without relying on his family. Hae Hyo and Hye Joon also have a good relationship between them.

As the show evolved, Sa Hye Joon and Ahn Jung Ha fell in love despite having troubles in their personal lives. Sa Hye Joon begins to get more offers since he began his relationship with Ahn Jung Ha. Romance blossoms and deepens between the two.
Careers of the duo also take a huge turn. The showrunners commented last week.

“Sa Hye Joon and Ahn Jung Ha will face obstrules they have to overcome that are as big as how deep their love has become. Unexpected variables will be awaiting them. Please look out to see if the two young adults will be able to protect both their dreams and love.”
Hye Joon also lands a role in a medical drama named Gateaway alongside Lee Hyun Soo ( Seo Hyun-jin). On the relationship front, Hye Joon and Jong Hu proclaim their love for each other.

Record of Youth Episode 9 What to Expect?

In Episode 9 preview, we see Hye Joon’s career escalate and has become a huge success in the industry with enthusiasts following him for autographs and the paparazzi can’t get enough of him! His grandfather, Sa Min gi, is so proud of his grandson. Sa Min gi even signs up a commercial for his own. Hye Joon’s rival Lee Tae Soo ( Lee Chang-hoon) becomes jealous of Hye Joons rising fame. He is frustrated and yells at his agent. Meanwhile, Jung Ha has an emotional moment with her father.

Record of Youth Episode 9 Release Date

The television series Record of Youth” premiered on South Korean television network tvN on Monday and Tuesday at 21:00 . It is also released weekly on Netflix. The series will meet its end on October 27,2020 with sixteen episodes.

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