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Joe Biden Breaks His Own Record in Fundraising Raised $383 Million in September: What’s Next?

In the presidential race against Republican rival Donald Trump, Joe Biden gained $383 million in September breaking his own record. This will ensure that Biden can now raise his bars of campaigning and mapping against Trump as the U.S. Elections are about to take place in the month of November. 

Jen O Millay Dillan, political strategist and the campaign manager for the 2020 presidential campaign of Joe Biden, announced on twitter about their success last day.  She tweeted that the grassroots network of givers, Trimicka, aided them to raise a record-breaking 383 million US dollars in the previous month. She also said that she was very pleased that this was done and reminded everyone that there are many more works to do.

Joe Biden Raised $383 Million in September

In another tweet followed, she added that their success was primarily due to some of their grassroots supporters. Dillan said that a huge amount of 203 million US Dollars came from just online donors. Also, more that one million new donors contributed to the fund last month. With this, the fundraising programme has now had a total of 5.5 million contributors. Along with Biden, Dillan affirmed that the party now has over $432 million in their bank account.

With just almost 20 days to the decisions, Joe Biden’s gigantic raising money has unquestionably filled his competition to remove Donald Trump. It is additionally the most noteworthy sum earned by any official up-and-comer in one month. The explanation behind this huge assortment owes to the first presidential discussion led recently.

A month ago, Joe Biden raised a whole of $364.5 million. This was practically twofold the sum raised by Barack Obama during the 2008 presidential elections. At that point, Obama had picked up almost $190 million. In the previous three months alone, the previous VP has raised a stunning $890 million.

Responding to the record

Joe Biden thanked all those people who came forward to donate for the cause. “To every person who chipped in a few dollars last month — thank you. Because of your support, we raised an astounding $383 million. I’m incredibly humbled.”  Biden especially expressed his gratitude to their main supporter Trimicka. Latest report points out that odds are in favour of Joe Biden. Biden has gained more than half a million supporters in the past few months. 

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