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Guitar Rock Legend ‘Eddie Van Halen’ Dies Due to Cancer at 65- Check His Net Worth & Bio

The Guitar Rock’s legend Eddie Van Halen dies due to cancer. Eddie whose full name is Edward Lodewijk Van Halen was an American top-notch Musician, Songwriter, Producer, as well as an inventor. The multiple reports have revealed his demise. He got too much fame by his guitar talent and With it, he is popularly known as the part of the American Rock Band Van Halen. Know more about Eddie Van Halen through this article and read this article in the same flow of reading. All the fans are condoling over his death. All are appreciating his journey as the Guitarist, songwriter, producer and inventor.

Eddie Van Halen Died Today

Eddie Van Halen who is the top-notch guitarist as well as the most loving man dies due to cancer. He suffered from cancer, due to taking alcohol and drugs. It is very shocking to know that he started smoking at an early age of 12. And also he told the reason for drinking alcohol that he drinks just for functioning rightly.

This refers to the quirky answer and reflects the addiction of taking drugs. Eddie also stated in an interview that he used to be very sober since 2008. He was also suffering from lingering injuries like high-risk, Crashes, Acrobatic Stage Performances. He also went for Rear Replacement surgery in 1999.

It is also notable that Eddie has been declared Cancer Free in 2002. He accused the tongue cancer when he used to take risk while holding guitar picks in his mouth. He has been unwell in his entire journey. He wen for the Emergency surgery for an excessive bout of Diverticulitis. Now it is sad to know that he is no more and died on the 6th of October 2020 at the age of 65.

Who was Eddie Van Halen?

But the Guitar Rock has left a significant positive impact on his fans and well-wisher. Having known about the Eddie Van Halen all the fans are condoling over him and also you can watch lots of tears of the people for him.

Know little about his family through us. Eddie married Valerie Bertinelli in 1980. Bertinelli is an actress with whom Eddie married in California after one year later of their first meeting.

They had one son whose name is Wolfgang. After four years of alienation, Bertinelli filed an application for divorced from him in Los Angeles. They finally separated officially in 2007. After that Eddie married his girlfriend in 2009. He also invited his first wife in his second marriage. But in 2020, Eddie left to all of us.

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