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DYK vs GET Live Match Score Champions League Prediction Watch Lineups & Online Updates

DYK will be taking the field against GET, at The NSC Olimpiyskiy for their second leg match in the UEFA Champions League qualifier. With kick-off at 12:30 AM (IST), 30th September, the excitement is unimaginable. This match is critical for both teams and here is what we think is going to happen.


DYK is definitely a favourite going into this match. With their 2-1 win in the away leg, they have a definite advantage. They have had a great start and been consistent, beating FC Minaj 4-0 in their last game. On the flipside, GET has not been doing so well. With their 3-2 loss to Leuven the last time, this match can make or break their chances in the league.

Key Players

With DYK, Carlos De Pena, Vladyslav Supryaha, Benjamin Verbic are game-changers. They have the skills that will definitely put up a fight. They could possibly change the game tonight. GET has brilliant players like Niklas Dorsch, Roman Yaremchuk, Davy Roef. They are great and seem to be in form tonight. With the ways things are, the match can go either way.

DYK vs GET Dream 11 Prediction

Goalkeeper – Davy Roef
Defenders – V Mykolenko, O Karavayev, Oleksandr Syrota, Tomasz Kedziora
Midfielders – Benjamin Verbic, Niklas Dorsch, S Sydorchuk, M Shaparenko (VC)
Forwards – Carlos De Pena, Vladyslav Supryaha (C)

DYK’s playing 11 tonight as far as we can tell will consist of O Karavayev, Carlos De Pena, Vitali Mykolenko, Oleksandr Syrota, Tomasz Kedziora, S Sydorchuk, Mykola Shaparenko, Vladyslav Supryaha and Benjamin Verbic for sure.

GET’s playing 11 will probably feature Davy Roef, Michael Ngadeu-Ngadjui, Igor Plastun, Alessio Castro-Montes, Milad Mohammadi, Elisha Owusu, and Niklas Dorsch.

Dynamo Kyiv  vs KAA Gent Live Match

Based on records, We believe that this match will go to DYK. They have been extremely consistent in this season and we see the maintaining this. GET has had quite a bumpy ride and we do not think they will make the cut. In conclusion, DYK is our favourite for this one yet there is a lot that is uncertain.

If you are a fan from in India, you can watch it on Sony Ten 2 and Sony Ten 2 HD. It can also be streamed via Sony LIV. You can even keep up with the match with updates via social media and such as well. There may be several other ways to stream online however like by using apps that may not be available on the play store. All said and done, this might be a sure shot victory for DYK, but in this sport, nothing can ever be guaranteed.

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