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Digilux: A Journey Into The Wonderland Of Luxury

Digilux is a small boutique digital marketing agency focused on premium and luxury brands working born from the idea of ​​two young Italian guys, who moved to London several years ago to study, first and then to work and then decided to call it home for a while.

Giuseppe Federico Liprandi and Ilaria Nazzaro, one born and raised in Turin and the other in Benevento, have decided to join forces under a shared passion and dedicate themselves to their agency.

They both studied at Regent’s University London and had a very similar career path, having worked in the world of luxury and then both in communications at Publicis Media.

Giuseppe Federico Liprandi, born in 1995, graduated in Economics and Statistics from the University of Turin. After graduating, he moved to London in 2018 for the MSc in Digital Marketing & Analytics at Regent’s University London. It is here that he met Ilaria Nazzaro. Born in 1991 in Naples and raised in Benevento, she graduated in Law at the University of Siena. After graduating, she decided to realize her dreams and undress a career closer to her desires and skills to take the road of personal revenge.

She moved to London in 2017, where she started doing small jobs to get the money to stay in London and learn English well. She later enrolled in the MA in Luxury Brand Management at Regent’s University London, undertaking what she calls the turning point in her life.

During and after the master, both Ilaria and Giuseppe collaborated with luxury brands, doing both consulting activities to help the brands enter the luxury market and do very hands-on jobs in digital marketing and social media management.

They both have a short background at Publicis Media, on different accounts and agencies. Still, both agree that it would have been difficult to become who they are without that all-encompassing experience.

“It was difficult, it made me grow and mature, I didn’t have good time management at the time, and I didn’t know what it meant to work in a team of 30 people and have such tight deadlines,” says Ilaria.

It is precisely from the union of these two talents that Digilux was born. The main ingredients are skills, determination and a pinch of madness, because this is what Ilaria and Giuseppe are, talented and brilliant with a head full of dreams and ideas.

With Digilux, they give voice to small extra luxury brands, targeting high-net-worth individuals and ultra-high-net-worth individuals, helping them enter an initially scary and too competitive market. They deal with everything from eCommerce to web development, performance marketing to social media and even branding and traditional marketing, which Ilaria admits to being a bit of her passion and professional bias, together with Social Media. On the other hand, Giuseppe loves numbers, the tough challenges dictated by the world of eCommerce and Performance Marketing, ruthless and continuously changing.

What differentiates Digilux from many other agencies operating in the field is the passion and dedication that Ilaria and Giuseppe, together with their team, put into each of their clients. The concept of Boutique agency leads them to want to know and talk to each customer and create bespoke strategies that fit perfectly on them. What has now become a pride for Digilux is the affection and mutual esteem that is established with whoever they work, that bond of trust that binds them inextricably from their customers.

“We prefer to take fewer customers and treat them well, rather than taking many customers and not giving them the time they deserve”, say the Digilux co-founders – “For us, it is really important that the customer is satisfied when they come to us and that understand and perceive the passion and love that we put behind everything. It is essential that they trust us and appreciate us. Their growth is vital to us, and that their economic and emotional investment is well rewarded “.

What can I say, the audacity, passion and determination are in these two guys. We wish them the best, and in the meantime, we are also looking forward to seeing their new projects, which we are sure will be as incredible as all the previous ones.


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