Cases in New York Latest 28 Sep 2020

Covid-19 Count in New York City Continues to Rise: Official Warns about Clusters in Brooklyn

New York City reports 451,892 new cases on 24th September. The total number of cases have now reached 6.96 million in the country with more than 202k deaths. Southern states report the highest number of cases in the last two weeks. North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, Lowa, Utah, Arkansas and Missouri are the top eight states which have reported the highest number of positive cases over the last 14 days and the cases are still staying high.


  • As of 28th September, the total number of reported cases was 460,868
  • The number of deaths reported was more than 32k
  • Mayor warns about the increasing number of clusters in certain parts of the city

Mayor Bill de Blasio, on Tuesday, said that almost a quarter of the newly reported cases come from just two administrative divisions of New York, Brooklyn and Queens. He added that the situation has worsened over the last 24 hours alone. Kew Gardens, Borough Park, Midwood, Flatbush, Williamsburg etc are among the neighbourhoods who have seen a huge rise in cases over the last few weeks.

New York City COVID-19 Report

He also reminded people of the importance of social distancing, washing hands, wearing masks and asked people to stay home if tested positive. The officials have even begun to remind about this through social media apps.

Dr. Mitchell Katz of the public hospital system also warned about the consequences the city might have to go through if the trend continues. She addressed the importance of taking enough precautions in the crisis.

The cases in Ocean Parkway cluster have tripled along with Far Rockaway and Williamsburg. More than 20% of the cases come from these neighbourhoods. Officials warn that if the current rate continues, there will be a further increase in community spread.

A drastic change in the livelihood of New Yorkers

The lifestyle of people in the city have changed drastically since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. A large majority of people have lost employment during the last few months although Trump’s executive orders have been a slight relief.

School and college activities like concerts and games were called off. Although several institutions continue with online classes than contact classes, the reopening of schools have contributed massively to the upswing in positive cases. More than 88,000 cases are reportedly linked to schools and colleges.

According to reports by the US health officials, the number of cases in the younger generation are seeing an uprise.

A Second wave?

The rising cases of the Covid-19 pandemic may be a warning of the resurgence. More people have returned to workplaces like workshops and restaurants which have contributed to the upsurge. Also, the winter season will keep more people indoors which will further add to the risk of aerosol transmission.

The majority of cases reported in the United States have been primarily from California, Texas and Florida. Almost 700,000 cases have been reported from these states alone. In contrast to this, there are some counties in the country that haven’t reported even a single positive case.

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