Chef Vikas Khanna To Organise Food Distribution Drive For Mumbai’s Dabbawalas, Widows In Vrindavan

Michelin-star gourmet expert Vikas Khanna is currently resolved to sort out a gigantic food circulation drive this week to give dinners and basic supplies to a great many Dabbawalas in Mumbai just as widows in Vrindavan confronting difficulties due to the coronavirus pandemic.
Vikas Khanna is currently organizing to convey more than 1.4 million dinners, including dry proportion, juices, and fundamental cleaning supplies for more than 5,000 groups of Dabbawalas and TV bolster staff, for example, spot young men in Mumbai during the circulation drive called “Utsav”.
Moved by their predicament as the COVID-19 pandemic and the across the nation lockdown in India has antagonistically affected their work, Khanna said he is attempting to guarantee that enough dry proportion dinners, vegetables, and fundamental cleaning supplies are conveyed to them just as to those functioning as TV bolster staff “with the goal that they don’t need to leave their homes for anything” for the following hardly any weeks.

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