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BLACKPINK’s New Track “Lovesick Girls” Has received Above 43 Million Views in 10 Hours

Blackpink’s new title track ‘Lovesick girl’ is recently released at 1:00 pm today. This new title track garnered 10 million views on YouTube in just 53 minutes. Everyone is very happy to know that in such a short time this song has done wonders on social media. It is very shocking news that this new title track ‘Lovesick Girls’ released at 1:00 pm gets 10 million views on YouTube at 1:53. Know more about it given below in this entire article. Stay associated with this channel like in the same way.

BLACKPINK’s new track LOVESICK GIRLS is all set to ready for winning the hearts of the audience. Still, the audience is watching and enjoying this track which is bringing soulful lyrics and spreading the social message to the public regarding innermost feelings of love which now has impersonated into love pain. We will leave no stone unturned to provide the best information like this.

The much alluring lyrics of this new music have brought forward with the endeavours of Jisoo. Jennie too is the part of the song as a lyricist. As you all swim about that the audience were willingly waiting to watch this new track. Now their wait is getting the completion. Guys here is also something for knowing. The album is all set to release the three more music track on 6th of October 2020.

Lovesick Girls Song

As you know Blackpink made its digital release with the first much-awaited studio album named “THE ALBUM.” Fans of this Korean album are waiting for more three new tracks which are to be released this month. The four Korean Girls made over the moon to the audience with their new track titled LOVESICK GIRLS.

Let us tell you all that this new music track features excellent lyrics. The new music video has released by Blackpink, titled LOVESICK GIRLS. There are four girls in this song, who present Love Pain and also share a social message with people. The music is ready to cross 10 million views on social media if it comes to that the fans are ready to bounce the result of it.

As you all know, this new track video of Blackpink reaches 10 million views in 53 minutes. If we talk about Blackpink’s previous record which was also a music video titled “Ice Cream”. This held its record in 2 hours and 55 minutes. That is the music video who released this time. It has found to be the most powerful. This is a piece of very good news for BLACKPINK, so we congratulate Blackpink.

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