Bigg Boss Telugu 4 Episode 6th October Today’s Written Updates: Unseen Footage & Spoilers For Next Eviction

Bigg Boss Telugu 4

In India, Bigg Boss is the most-entertaining reality show whether it’s in any language. The youngsters have lost their heart for the show. People from around India are crazy for it whether it is Tamil version, Telugu or Hindi. Bigg Boss is known for fights, arguments, fun, and the most important a perfect entertainment. You guys may have enjoyed the last episode. If no, let me tell in short. The last episode showed something which never happened on the show: the heated arguments and major fights.

The last episode had the nomination for this week’s eviction. In the task, the housemates had to coat foam on the face of those whom they wanted to nominate this week. The nomination process starts with Akhil, and he smears foam on the faces of Abhijeet and Amma Rajasekhar.

He alleged that Abijeet had spoken nasty talks against him based on his age and educational qualification. This activated a heated argument between the duo. Akhil alleges Amma Rajasekhar to be biased during the task. Hence, he nominated them.

Ariyana nominated Amma Rajasekhar along with Akhil. Lasya nominated Divi and Noel. Avinash nominated Monal and Akhil. Sujatha nominated Akhila and Ariyana. Kumar Sai nominated Noel and Sujatha, Sohel nominated Abijeet and Noel. Mehboob nominated Lasya and Sujatha while Harika nominated Akhil and Monal. Divi nominated Sohel and Lasya.

Akhil, Abijeet, Monal, Sohel, Monal, Amma Rajasekhar and four more contestants are in the nomination list.

Monal nominated Harika and Avinash while Abijeet nominated Akhil and Sohel. It is going to be a great moment to see who gets evicted from the house this week. We all have seen a heated argument between Abijeet and Akhil during the nomination task. This conversation gradually dragged Monal, and she made her emotional. She requested them not to drag her and sort out their problems without involving her.

In the upcoming episode, you will see that Akhil and Abijeet would be apologising to Monal separately. Both of them would be trying to tell her that they didn’t intend to hurt her. Abijeet says to Monal that he was not first to drag her into the conversation. He will be saying sorry and also wiping her tears with a handkerchief.

You will also see Akhil justifying himself and apologises to her. In response to it, she hugs him. The fans of Abijeet and Akhil defending their favourite contestants. At the same time, some are busy to criticize Monal as she cries over silly issues. Some supported Abijeet and said that he was not the first to raise the topic of Monal, so he doesn’t need to say sorry.

Twitterati came in support of Abijeet and said that he didn’t raise the topic of Monal. They also said that he shouldn’t apologise. An Instagram poll showed that 82% of people support Abijeet, while only 18% are in favour of Akhil. Abijeet has become a fan favourite.

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