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Bigg Boss Tamil 4 10th October 2020 Written Updates: Sanam, & Rekha Engages in a Fight?

One of the most entertaining shows on Indian television Bigg Boss has amassed a lot of appreciation and fan following from the country. It absolutely doesn’t depend whether the show is in any language the audience has lost their hearts for the show. Vijay TV has shared a promo of the upcoming episodes of Bigg Boss Tamil. In the preview, Balaji Murugadoss talks about his abusive and alcoholic parents. He also reveals that his childhood was so troubling. He shares the incident while being a part of the tasks name Kadandhu Vandha Padhai. Balaji will be open up his parents’ behaviour towards him.

He would be disclosing that his father used to physically harm him and beat him with a tube of LPG Cylinder. He says that he was alcoholic and even his mother used to stand by his father and who was also alcoholic.

Bigg Boss Tamil 4 10th October 2020 Written Updates

Balaji had tears in his eyes when he revealed that first to twelfth standard his parent sent him to the hostel. He said that neither they used to visit him in the hostel nor attended any parent-teacher meeting. Later that, he also questions his parent as to why they have given him birth if they can’t taker care? Everyone in the house consoling Balaji and some of them offered a hug.

On the other hand, you will see Sanam and Rekha engaging in an ugly fight. Sanam claims that Rekha is unable to be handle as she becomes so dominating. Rekha claims, being a captain of the cooking team it’s her duty to take care as everything is going well in the kitchen.

After an ugly argument, Saman leaves the place to imitate Rekha. Housemates haven’t found Ramya, Aajeedh, Suresh and Shivani’s story motivational or inspiring. According to the housemates, Suresh was the least inspiring housemate. After this announcement, he leaves the place.

Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Today’s Episode Updates

In the previous episode, we have seen everybody was targeting Shivani during the task. The housemates were trying to corner her. Then we witnessed an ugly spat between Suresh and Anitha. Anitha says that Suresh made quite cheap comments on her. He said that he won’t talk to newsreaders that she spits while talking.

Anitha says that she has never expected this kind of nasty thing to Suresh. Though, Suresh has denied accepting any of the allegations as he said that she is trying to make something out of nothing. It is just a first week, what will be happening in the upcoming days is really interesting to look forward. We guarantee you that there will not be lack of enjoyment. Stay tuned to get the latest updates.

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