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Bigg Boss 14 Today’s Episode14th October Written Updates: Who will win Immunity Task?

The fourteenth season is bringing a lot of twists and turns. The first eviction has already taken place in the Bigg Boss house. The reality show lovers are witnessing entertainment, disputes, disagreements, flirtation, drama with a lot of spice and many more. This show welcomed 11 celebrity contestants while three seniors from past seasons. These seniors will be only for the first two weeks. Still, we can’t assume the Bigg Boss house without seniors who own a lot of powers in the house. The seniors are invited to make the life of freshers more difficult.

Bigg Boss 14 Today’s Episode14th October Written Updates

We have seen the farming task halted on Tuesday and would be continued today. When half of the task completes, Bigg Boss orders Hina to open her flower shop. As you know, if freshers need something from the senior’s shop then they have to impress them. In today’s episode, you will see Rahul, would be trying to impress Hina and delivering some distiches.

This team who loses the task would be nominated. It is very interesting to see who wins the task or who lose. This task is led by none other than our new senior Nikki Tamboli. The freshers were not seeming happy with it as she has been unfair. What do you think, is Nikki the right one to get the immunity? If no why let us know in the comment section given below.

You will also see freshers trying to impress seniors to get the material needed to make farmland. But the strategy of contestants is different. They are not focusing on making their beautiful farmland but want to destroy the opposite party’s farming. On Voot select, you can also enjoy some unseen undekha tadka. Gauhar is sharing one of his dreams with Hina.

She says that once she dreamt that Katrina Kaif was yelling at her because Ranbir Kapoor wanted to marry her. She also says that it was a beautiful house of Ranbir Kapoor. Let us remind you that it was her dream. You will see Rubina and Jasmin would be trying to impress Gauhar and dancing on her tunes. Just because to get the material.

After the nomination task, we are unable to see where Eijaz and Pavitra’s friendship goes. As Eijaz was really hurt with the decision of Pavitra as she has accepted that she shares a special bond with him. We will give you every single update related to the show on a daily basis. Stay connected with us to get the latest updates.

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