Bigg Boss 14 16 October Written Updates: The TRP of The Show is Going Down!

Bigg Biss is the game of entertaining the audience with your strategies, talent, and humour. But the major point which we haven’t mentioned is standing for yourself in the house. We know when it comes to standing for yourself so there will be a number of disputes and fights. So now, the conclusion is Bigg Boss is the game of entertainment and disputes. You must have enjoyed masaledar fights in the BB house between contestants and sometimes seniors come to resolve the matter.

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But today’s episode is bringing a lot of fun, judgements and disagreement between our own seniors. Yes, Hina Khan and Sidharth Shukla would be seen indulging in the biggest fight. We have seen them disagreeing on various matters but in the end, the three come to the conclusion calmly. This time it is not going to happen.


  • Hina vs Sidharth, a massive fight between seniors
  • Jasmin & Nikki Tamboli perform the task for their personal stuff

We take you back in the starting, where it stars from. We know that Bigg Boss has given the opportunity to housemates to get their stuff back and get rid of picking up seven items. Today Nikki and Jasmin will appear for the task to collect maximum balls in the basket. Abhinav advises a strategy to Jasmine to attack when balls end to come.

Jasmin and Nikki’s fight starts where Nikki first hits Jasmine’s basket while Jasmin gave it back. Jasmin says that she doesn’t wanna talk to dirt. Jasmin tore up Nikki’s basket. When buzzer buzzes Gauhar asks were there balls in Jasmin’s basket? Hina says that she has seen.

Bigg Boss 14: Who wins the task, Nikki or Jasmin?

On this Sidharth says that he didn’t see while Guahar says that Hina has seen. Here the fight between Sidharth and Hina starts. She says that she has seen so Sidharth doesn’t need to instruct her. She also shut him up and says to not intervene in her business. While Sidharth says that he hasn’t come to sit silent.

We don’t know what will be the result? but it may be in Hina’s favour as they have decided last time at the time of Sara that if any this kind of situation arises so he has to agree with them. Let’s see Sidharth agrees with them or make them agree with his decision. The last thing which can happen is the cancellation of the task, but the chances are a few.

After the first Weekend Ka Vaar episode, everyone began putting their efforts in the task. It can be seen apparently. In Mere Angne Mein Tumhara Kya Kaam Hai, everyone did well including those faces who were claimed to be the live audience in the house. Rahul’s energy in the game was really great. In the last episode, we have seen Nishant’s amazing performance. Now everybody is putting their efforts in the game and proving themselves. Stay connected for more updates.

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