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Baba Ka Dhaba: How Much Donation Babaji Has Received So Far?

After some hours, up to thousands of retweets and likes comes while wiping the tears of the old man who runs Dhaba. Baba Ka Dhaba is running by the couple whose video went viral social media rapidly. This Dhaba consists of various types of food items which attract the public. Although these items smell very nice which always ready to fetch the people inwards it. The couple got tears after going viral among the thousands of people. So many people have ordered some food. Know the entire details about this famous couple and read in detail about Baba Ka Dhaba through this article.

Where is Baba Ka Dhaba?

Baba Ka Dhaba is expecting at South Delhi, which is running by an elderly couple. The couple stated in a video that this is homemade food, purely has been cooked. Both cooked meal for only enough menu and do not keep it for the next day. This Dhaba has been running for 30 years and will be continuing until they want. On Thursday the story of their struggle during Coronavirus’s lockdown gone viral. The video moved to the thousands of people. Some of them came to their Dhaba and ordered for the meal.

Who Else in the Que of Baba Ka Dhaba?

Not only the general public is in the que of their Dhaba even the popular celebs are also joining the que. Baba Ka Dhaba is gaining fame throughout the nation. This is wiping the tears of the old man and woman’s hard of many years. The tiny Dhaba got the entery of the popular criketers and celebraties, in the que. The story of the couple’s endeavours went viral which gained so many eyeballs in the last night.

Baba Ka Dhaba: Story of The Couple

Moreover, Vasundhara Tankha Sharma posted a video given by a food blogger. The food blogger features the couple journey which is heart broken and also heart touching. Vasundhara requested to the public for eating food at Baba Ka Dhaba which is in Malviya Nagar. She also shares a video feature couple’s Dhaba and both of them too.

How Much Donation Babaji Has Received So Far?

We can say that so far Babaji has received a great amount which will help him and his family in long term. Baba Ka Dhaba has collected enough and in a video, he claimed himself that he doesn’t need much more donation. As per our sources, the Babaji has received around 3.5 Lakh Donation.

Now the Dhaba is on the top which is treaing on twitter. You can also see the respective entery of the coutumer at the Dhaba. The video has been shot by Gaurav Vasan last night. Moreover it has been shared by Kanta Prasad. All the dishes just around Rs/- 30-50. And the Dishies are:- Dal, Curry, Parathas, Rice, and Matar Paneer. The taste is said, fabulous of these all dishes.

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