Amazon Prime Day 2020

Amazon Prime Day 2020 to Kick Start on October 13th: Best Deals With Huge Discount Check Here!

Amazon Prime Day is a two-day online shopping event exclusively for Amazon Prime members. There will be great deals, new entertainment shows and also new product launches. Despite the Coronavirus outbreak, Amazon hopes to make nearly $10 billion through worldwide sales. Usually a prime day in India takes place during the month of August. The pandemic has however caused troubles in the supply chains and hence they moved this year’s sales to October. This is the 5th year Amazon celebrating Prime Day. 

Although Prime Day is officially to begin next week, Amazon has already started it’s pre-event offers to ensure that more people will be noticed about the event. This will also help them understand the event better. 

Andrew Lipsman, eMarketer said. “Since Prime Day’s 2015 debut, Amazon has expanded the scale and spectacle of the event in a mostly predictable fashion. The generally incremental changes from year to year gave customers and sellers a better sense of what to expect, with Lightning Deals and heavy discounted Echos and Fire TVs taking centre stage. Sellers developed a playbook for their promotions and advertising strategy and could plan their inventory accordingly.” 

Trending Deals 

Here is a list of 17 of these things that are already trending on the platform. 

  1. Amazon Echo Show 5 is now priced $44.99 on the website. This couldn’t get any cheaper! 
  2. Amazon Echo Autho is available at just $19.99 at Amazon
  3. Instant Pot Duo, 6 quart is now available for $79 
  4. Amazon Music Unlimited Subscription-0.99$
  5. Save 40% on Soul True Wireless Earbuds 
  6. $50 off for Audible annual membership
  7. Apple Airpods Pro now priced $219 
  8. When you purchase $10 at small businesses, you will receive $10 at amazon
  9. Buy something from Amazon Fresh at $10 , you will get $10 for Prime Day
  10. Amazon Kids subscription at $0.99
  11. Beat Solo Pro now available for just $199.95 
  12. All new SamSung Galaxy Note 20 5G is priced at just $799 
  13. Amazon Echo Dots Kids Edition at $34.99 at Amazon
  14. Amazon Prime video deals-upto 50% off

In spite of all these, several other offers are also available. It is just not about technology. There are exclusive deals for fashion line ups. These include clothes ( Men, Women, Kids), shows, watches, jewellery. In fact, some of these deals do not even require the shopper to be an Amazon Prime member. 

If the shoppers are signing up for Amazon Prime, you will get a free Amazon Gift Card worth $100. This will enable the users to save up to 5% while you shop at Amazon and Wholefoods. These Visa card can even give you 25% off on selected items. 

If you are looking to market housing material, then this is the best time. There are the best deals for furniture and home decors. The users can save as much as 20%. Many items here also do not necessitate the shopper to be a Prime member. Amazon has always delivered the best offers in the online shopping scenario. Visit the Amazon website right now and grab the best deals. 

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