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Alice Season 1 Episode 11 & 12 Release Date: Joo Won Faces Down An Unknown Threat As Kim Hee Sun Has A Fateful Meeting!

The Korean drama Alice has grabbed the audience attention from quite some time. The show started on 28th August this year and scheduled to end on 24th October 2020. Baek Soo-Chan has directed the series of eighteen episodes. Kim Kyu-won has written Alice for SBS network. The last episode of Alice ended with a shocking note. Before starting anything we love to introduce you that SBS has released some stills from the series next episode.

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The scientist Suk Oh Won playing by Choi Won Young was kidnapped and vanished into the thin air. The scientist knew the truth of time travellers and prediction. We have also noticed Park Jin Kyeom playing by Joo Won found uneasy behaviour of Go Hyung Suk. Kim Sang is playing the role of Go Hyung Suk.

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He is like a father to Park Jin Kyeom. In the end, he manages to find Go Hyung Suk on the CCTV in before of motel where he discovers Lee Se Hoon collapsed. Park In Soo is playing Lee Se Hoon. Sources close to the drama disclosed that upcoming episode of Alice which will premiere on 9th October will show Park Jin Gyeom will get to know the unexpected truth. Not only Park Jin Gyeom but also the audience will have to face this unexpected shock which can leave them, what?

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Don’t forget to watch the surprising, emotional and the most important entertaining episode of today. Yoon Tae Yi is also suspicious about Go Hyung Suk. She has travelled from 2021 to 2020 with that clip on a USB. Because of her time travelling, she also knows that Park Jin Gyeom will have to lose his life while chasing the murderer of his mother.

Park Jin Gyeom kept her doubt of Go Hyung Suk aside and threw away that USB along with the footage. He arrived at the place where Suk Oh Won last appeared. According to the production house, episode 11 and 12 will disclose the truth. The next episode will be streaming today on 9th October at 10 pm, KST.

One can enjoy the fresh episode of Alice every Friday and Saturday until 24th October 2020. Yes, it means the maker will premiere the last episode on 24th October. Don’t miss to watch the amazing episodes of the interesting series and keep showering your love to the talented cast and crew. As they are giving you the entertainment dose every weekend, so what can be better than it? Stay tuned with us for latest updates.

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